Your Twitter Account Might Have Got Hacked – It’s Time To Change Your Password

Source: Public Domain Pictures

If you think that your twitter account is safe, then I would like to say that it’s not. Recently a new bug was reported on Twitter’s official blog. This was reported on 3rd may by Parag Agrawal, CTO at Twitter.

This bug use to store your password unmasked (It mean in non encrypted form) into Twitters internal log. This bug was found by Twitter and have now been rectified.

Because if this bug your password use to be stored in the internal log before the hashing process. After the rectification of this bug, your password will be masked through a process called hashing with bcrypt function, which will replace the password with some random combination of letters and numbers that only Twitter can decrypt and will allow you to access your account.

According to Agarwal’s statement, there are no accounts that have been breached, hence there is no worry. But, it is better to change your password for being at the safer side. We would suggest every one to change their password before any breaching happens.



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