5-Inch HUAWEI ALE-CL00 Leaked At TENNA

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5-Inch HUAWEI ALE-CL00 Leaked At TENNA
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HUAWEI is becoming one of the leading brands in Smartphone market and I have just come across the HUAWEI ALE-CL00. ALE-CL00 comes with an Android 4.4.4 Operating System. It has an 1280 × 720 pixels resolution screen having 5-inch TFT display, which means it supports an 1080HD video and image quality.

It has an amazing 8 core processor with 2GB RAM clocked at 1.5GHz. The internal storage capacity of 16GB and expandable upto 32GB is what I feel isn’t sufficient enough. After just looking after the phone detail we can consider that this HUAWEI Smartphone will come under the mid range smartphone. Apart from this it has a 4G LTE support.

The 5 MP front and 13 MP rear camera give an 750HD and 1080 HD recording respectively.


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