ASUS Will Focus On New 5.5-inch Smartphone For Coming Year 2016, Says Jerry Shen, CEO Of Asustek

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ASUS upcoming Smartphone 2016

According to the CEO of Asustek, Jerry Shen that ASUS will be more focused on developing Smartphones with 5.5-inch screen for the year 2016. He says that there will be 6-7 ZenFone models in the coming year with 5.5-inch display.

According to the source, in the year 2016 ASUS will first introduce the flagship ZenFone Deluxe. Including the ZenFone Delux following are the models that are expected in year the 2016.

  • ZenFone Laser
  • ZenFone Selfie 
  • ZenFone Go
  • ZenFone Maz

According to Shen, the ZenFone deluxe is more likely to incorporate with PadFone . It’s expected that ASUS will introduce the ZenFone Max & ZenFone Zoom at their upcoming IFA Berlin Event.


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