Corning Gorilla Glass To Introduce Gorilla Glass Hybrid For Ford GT

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Corning Gorilla Glass To Introduce Gorilla Glass Hybrid For Ford GT
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Gorilla Glass Hybrid for Auto Mobiles

When we hear about Corning Gorilla glass, we first think about smartphones. but this time it’s different. According to the recent news Corning Gorilla Glass is preparing a windshield material for the next generation Ford GT. Yes! it’s true. This new glass is called as “Gorilla Glass Hybrid.”

It will have a traditional 10mm thick. The data show that, Ford new model “GT” will reduce by about 32% by weight, almost 50% in thickness. Apart from that they are not compromising on any other thing.  According to the rumors, it is said that after this we might see Gorilla Glass Hybrid on other upcoming automobiles.

An advantage of this is that, it’s an light weight material, which helps to make the vehicle accessories lighter and at the same time it will give better performance.

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