iPhone 8 Will Be Costing You Around $999

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iPhone 8 Will Be Costing You Around $999
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One of the latest update on iPhone is its launch on 12th September & now is the price. The iPhone this time will cost you $999 (expected to be). Having said that the iPhone 8 to come with Augmented Reality & Wireless charging the price is expected.


One thing I am able to confirm if this price for the iPhone 8 is for the base ir top model. The iPhone 8 is expected to launch in 3 storage variant that is 64GB, 256GB & 512GB. Apple is no-longer interested in the 32GB variant.

One of the coolest feature about the iPhone 8 is the face detection to unlock your smartphone, but we have seen that already in the Samsung flagship devices. The only thing i wonder how good it will be than the Samsung. The price will be unexpected until we see the launch of the iPhone 8. Hope it would be a slight lower than expected.



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