LG G4 Spotted With Stylus: Spy Shots

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LG G4 Spotted With Stylus: Spy Shots
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It was just this last week that we reveal the LG G4 and now we have spotted that the LG G4 will be installed with the Stylus. One of the users leaked this spy image of the LG G4 containing stylus. This spy image of the LG G4 with Stylus have the same stylus as it is in the previous LG G3 model.

The LG G4 is installed with the Android 5.0.2, but not with Android 5.0. As we know that the smartphone will be having LG’s 16 MP rear and 8 MP front camera. It has the Kernel Version 3.10.49. The image leaked is with no leather cover, but it is sure the LG G4.

We are waiting for the launch of the LG G4 that will happen on April 28th 2015. Until then Stay stuned!


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