Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Support S Pen – Leaked Image

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Support S Pen – Leaked Image
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Recently we have been seeing a lot of leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & today a leak confirmed the Note 8 to come bundled with their traditional S Pen.

Considering all the leaks & rumors the Note 8 has grab some attention of the users. Being a 6.3-inch wide display gives a lot of attention for bigger screen users, whereas the stylus  adds-on a charm on their experience. Also considering the 3D glass panel on the Note 8 we might see improved UI experience with the AMOLED Display. The recent leak about the back panel of the Note 8 clearly shows dual-camera with a sensor (might be AR) and a LED flash. It does not seem a full packed body, so there is room to change batteries.

The S Pen leak is not yet official, but it is too obvious to see the Galaxy Note series with S Pen so can consider it to be there.

According to our last prediction we are still expecting to see the Snapdragon 835 inside. Where as having AR on the Note 8 is also expected after the ASUS Zenfone AR has happen.

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