Samsung Introduces RWB ISOCELL Image Sensor Technology: The Future Of Front Facing Camera

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Samsung Introduces RWB ISOCELL Image Sensor Technology: The Future Of Front Facing Camera
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ISOCELL RWB CMOS image sensor

Samsung have introduced their new RBW (Red-White-Blue) ISOCELL technology for the upcoming Samsung Smartphones. This technology is developed for the front facing cameras. This technology includes an 8-MP RWB image sensor. The RWB image sensor is based on the new ISOCELL  technology.

Dr. Kyushik Hong, Vice President of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics said “We are always looking for innovative ways to create leading logic solutions that meet the rapidly evolving requirements of the mobile industry and give consumers new and more exciting mobile experiences. With our new RWB ISOCELL image sensor for richer images and NFC IC with outstanding RF performance, we are excited to offer mobile users more convenient imaging and connectivity applications.”

This technology is equipped with the RWB Color filter that allows you to get better front facing camera performance.  This new front facing camera technology will bring revolution to the camera. ISOCELL technology will provide with moe clear images, as it improved the light sensitivity to get better low light image and also improves color fidelity to get clear image with no extra contrast. Through this technology you will get over 3dB improvement in SNR, which allows you to click amazing low light images.

We are excited to see this technology performing on the next Samsung devices. This is all we got. Stay Tuned for more updates!


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