Vivo X9S & X9S Plus Leaked – Snapdragon 660 Expected

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Vivo X9S & X9S Plus Leaked – Snapdragon 660 Expected
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Vivo X9s Plus

Last years Vivo’s X9S sold pretty well in the market, but with a bit of disappointment in terms of their performance. Being in the competitive smartphone business, Vivo still believes in creating something better with their upcoming Vivo X9S & X9S Plus. This got confirmed after a weibo user leaked a poster design of the smartphone.

Also being a pioneer in the Snapdragon 660 smartphone category, which they confirmed in a Chinese Radio 2 months ago give an opportunity for them to rule the zone. But, we can’t ignore the competitors who might bring a improved version soon. We are quite sure that this leak might be a part of Vivo’s Marketing plan.

Some of the leaks about the X9S Plus are the 3,920mAh battery, a 20MP selfie camera with soft light feature, & also it would come in 4 different color variant that are rose gold, black, blue and white. Also the leak describes that the phone would also come with the figure print sensor on the home button. This smartphone will come under a mid range category, but we are not yet sure. The Snapdragon 660 might give some leads for the initial period, but let’s confirm after we get a hands-on.



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