About Us

Since 2015 GeekSnipper has always been a platform for sharing news, reviews, guides & all Geek updates for the Geeks. With GeekSnipper we try to achieve to be the source & a communication channel for all those geeks to connect with the world.

This platform was started as a hobby for sharing latest updates in the tech world & slowly started growing by getting deeper & stand to the meaning of the domain. We started growing by adding the Geekiest person around the world who shares the same interest like us & asked them if they could contribute their interest with others. We feel proud to be connected with all the our audience & making them believe on what we share.

Every sentence written in this platform is analysed & researched by the experts before it goes live. Our team believes in giving right information on right time. We are proud to be one of the first sources to inform our audience about the latest updates & let them know what they are getting in coming future.

You Can Contribute. 

We welcome everyone who wants to contribute their interest with others. But, whom we don’t welcome are the spammers. If you are here to get backlink then we humbly request you to close the tab and fine some link building websites. We want our users to read content which are unbiased, real & experienced. If you have something like this, then yes you can contribute.

What’s Our Stats?

We are not one of those blogs with heavy traffic, but we are growing rapidly. Since last year we have a growth of 50% & still counting. We have over 8000 subscriber which help us to share regular information with them. We get over 10k users & over 30k page-views which is 80% more as compared to last 3 months & we are expecting to grow much higher than this everyday.

Where Are We Located?

We are actually located everywhere, as we are in the cloud of World Wide Web.

You Can Get In Touch With Us

We would really like to be in touch with you & you can reach us at [email protected]