OnePlus 5 Makeover – Introducing Limited edition Soft Gold

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OnePlus 5 Makeover – Introducing Limited edition Soft Gold
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OnePlus 5 Soft Gold Limited Edition

OnePlus today makes an officially announced their limited edition Soft Gold OnePlus 5. The limited edition OnePlus 5 looks quite amazing & also give room for people who are looking for other color options.

This limited edition has a premium aluminium alloy and diamond cutting edges that makes the phone looks much stylish.

This unit is only available in 6GB RAM variant with 64GB RAM. The white front panel gives a charm to the phone. The phone will start selling on August 7. The smartphone will soon launch in India soon. If you want to buy this smartphone, you can buy it from OnePlus official website.


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  • Mitosh Mora

    nice colour

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