OnePlus One JBL Special Edition To Be Launched Soon

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OnePlus One JBL Special Edition To Be Launched Soon
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OnePlus One is one of the best smartphones of the year 2014-15 and this smartphone have surprised us with the performance. And now they have another surprise for us. I have got updated myself that the OnePlus One is going to launch their JBL Special Edition soon worldwide.

OnePlus One JBL Special Edition was launched in Guangzhou, China a few days back and now we got the update that this limited edition phone will soon launch in India and then other countries. This limited edition OnePlus will be giving the JBL E1+ headphone that you can see it from the video.

This limited edition OnePlus One have made the music experience better; not with just the headphones, but with the music player it has. I have got to know that the phone have altered with an aim to make the music experience better, but rest all the features and specification are the same.

On this new limited edition phone you will find the JBL logo at the back cover of the phone. This limited edition phone will be available in 3 color variant, i.e. black, white and off white with read bordered OnePlus Logo.


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