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An Internet Romance Victim Got Scammed By Loosing HK$14 Million

When we talk about smart people, it seems they turn out to be the dumbest of all. According to the recent internet romance scam...

ASUS ROG Gaming Smartphone Surpassed Every Snapdragon 845 Devices On Geekbench

We recently caught the a new ASUS smartphone which was powered by the Snapdragon 845, floating around Geekbench called the ASUS_Z01QD. Now as the...
Boruto Episode 58 Review

Boruto Episode 58 Review

  I finally got to see Boruto Episode 58 & to be frank the anime was quite similar to the Boruto Movie & we can...
fortnight Android game

Epic Games Team Fortnight Will Appear On Android App Store This June

PUBG on Smartphone is already doing great and I personally love playing on my Smartphone. Recently I have started playing Team Fortnight (PC Version)...
OnePunch Man Season 2

One-Punch Man Season 2 Finally Confirmed

This wait seems like ages. I have been waiting for the One-Punch Man Season 2 and this eagerness has its final end. VIZ media...
ASUS ROG Smartphone

ASUS ROG Smartphone Geekbench Score Leaks Surpass Xiaomi Blackshark

It was just last week that we got the information of the ASUS ROG Smartphone to be announced at Computex 2018 and today it...
ARView by Amazon

Amazon Developing New Display Advertisement Platform In Direct Completion To Google Ads

Amazon is already know for their affiliation network ads & now the recent news says that Amazon is working on their new Display Networking...

Tesla Will Start Taking Order Starting This Week For Model 3

Tesla has been in news since it's first launch & last week on Friday it got confirmed that Tesla will start talking orders for...

Gaming Smartphones Will Bring Change In The Smartphone Era

Smartphone market has grown huge since couple of years & this change is all because of the users demand & one of the major...

Facebook Messenger New Malware FacexWorm Might Steal Your Password & Cryptocurrency

If you are one of those who is into cryptocurrency & are using a Facebook Messenger app then you might come across a malware...



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Razer Phone New Firmware Update Adds Portrait Mode

Razer announced the Razer phone last year & since then the device has been updated randomly and Razer actually has kept improving the Camera...

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PUBG Mobile Game Review: The Best Multiplayer FPS For Mobile Gamers

Same maps, same weapons, same vehicles, yes I'm talking about PUBG Mobile (Players Unkown Battel Ground). One of the best multiplayer FPS game available...