Samsung A5 2016 Model Documentation Leaked With Change In Configuration

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Samsung smartphones undoubtedly is doing great in the market and Samsung Galaxy A5 is one of those models that people appreciate. Recently I came across the updated leak for the same series. Few days back NapiDroid leaked documentation of the the 2016 Samsung A5. The 2016 Samsung A5 model comes with some change in the configuration. Samsung has made a slight improvement in the 2016 model.

The 2016 Samsung A5 will come with 5.2-inch display with 1280×780 pixels screen resolution. It will have a 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.  It will have 8 magos Exynos processor and 2GB RAM and will be installed with Android v5.1. The phone is expected to be launch before mid of 2016, but not aware of the exact date.

Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung A7.


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