3rd Party Developers Will Soon Be Able To Use Google’s Activity Recognition Transition API – Same That’s Used On The Pixel 2


Google’s activity recognition that powers the Do-not-disturb mode in the Pixel 2 is quite a useful feature to have. If you don’t know about this feature then, what is basically does is that, whenever it detects that you’re driving, it automatically turns on the do-not disturb mode & puts your Incoming Messages & Notifications in Silent Mode. But, you can still get Calls, Navigation, Voice interactions normally. So basically it makes the less important things silent during driving.


GIF Source: Google

This feature is actually backed by AI & it has been working quite well on the Pixel 2. Now Google wants to expand this capability to 3rd Party Apps & that why they will release Activity Recognition Transition API which is basically the same one used in the Pixel 2 for the 3rd Party App developers.

This will allow more & more app developers to integrate the capabilities of this feature into their own apps. This can literally expand the possibilities of the capabilities to reach a new hight. How ? Well those apps that need use some Features where settings are needed to be changed depending on the condition or situation you’re currently in, this API can be a game changer.

So, we are happy to see that, Google don’t want to hold up on it’s good features for Marketing purposes & instead they are expanding them to make the Overall Android Experience far better. So, keep it up Google and we’re expecting a lot from your side. Anyway, this API will be made available by Early 2018. So, we’re expecting more smart apps using this API to come our way around Mid 2018.


Source: Google Developers Blog



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