5 Times When You Should Upgrade Your IR Website

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Are you losing investors because of your website? Bad, stale design isn’t the only thing scaring people away. Outdated content could also be the culprit. Here are 5 Times When You Should Upgrade Your IR Website.

1. Your IR Site Lacks Brand Continuity

Your investors expect your IR site to reflect your existing brand. There’s a level of continuity that you have hit to prove to visitors that they should take you seriously — whether your IR info is nestled in your corporate website or set up as a distinct site of its own.

If there are any misconnects, you need to refresh your content to ensure you present a unified front to your shareholders. 

2. Your Site is Siloed from Your CRM

If you can’t track key traffic analytics and integrate them into your current CRM desktop program, your company is at a disadvantage. Keeping these two things separate prevents your CRM team from understanding your site’s performance, visitor demographics, and whether your message resonates with the right people. 

To help you fully integrate your website’s analytics into your greater IR campaign, look for full-suite IR solutions that streamline these two tools. You can find an all-in-one approach that breaks down barriers and simplifies your workflow. 

3. Your ESG Initiates Are Absent

If you don’t have an ESG website, it’s time to make an upgrade. Not only are ESG funds worth $30 trillion, but they also outperformed the S&P 500 in early 2021. These funds have surged on popular ETF investment apps.

All the stats indicate investors want to fill their portfolios with businesses that show they’re taking actionable steps towards a more sustainable, equitable future. 

The only way you can tap into the green market is by demonstrating you’re dedicated to your ESG initiatives. 

Any ESG consultant worth their salt will recommend giving your ESG initiatives their own page on your IR website. That way, you can dedicate enough time explaining your past achievements, current targets, and long-term goals. 

4. You’re Introducing a Change

A good IR website evolves alongside your corporation as it moves from its initial IPO to its time on the market. But these monumental shifts in objectives aren’t the only reasons why you need to update your site. You should regularly refresh your website any time there’s a minor change in strategy or initiatives. 

This proactive approach helps you stay ahead of the game and lead the discussion. You can anticipate questions and concerns so that you have polished answers queued up, hammering home the value of these shifts to your base.

5. You Have Multimedia to Share

Between webcasts, virtual roadshows, and digital conferences, you probably have a lot of multimedia content ready to share. This content is ripe with information your investors need to hear, so it’s crucial you keep this available on your site.  

This rule of thumb includes timely investor days and AGMs; you’ll just have to archive these presentations when they’re no longer relevant. 

If your IR site doesn’t allow for quick, seamless streaming of these videos, you’ll need to update your IR platform so that it can host this content safely. Speak to an IR firm to learn more about how you can safeguard your video and file sharing to ensure you maintain privacy and regulatory compliance.

The Takeaway:

Your IR site is a living, breathing thing that needs to evolve as your company does. Revive old content with fresh information to remain relevant today.

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