Acer Smartphone To Continue With Microsoft Windows



Earlier this year in the month of March, Acer announced that they will no longer create any other system-based smartphones with Microsoft, but it seems that they have dropped their decision on doing it. According to the sources, Acer has again joined their hands to get the Acer’s Windows Smartphone.

In the year 2011, the sale of Windows phones was really low; because of which Acer took the step to discontinue there contract with Windows Smartphones.

Looking at the current report, IDC predicted that in the market Windows phone sale is just 2.7% (almost nothing as compared to other brands), where as with 82% of sales Android is the king of the market and 14% of sales of Apple iPhone.

Looking at the reports, it says that Acer won’t launch the flagship Smartphone for now. They are planning to launch the low-end or mid-range smartphone so that they have their hold in the market. There are no rumors or news about the specification or release date, but it is predicted to announce in the month of February 2015.

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