Advantages of Software Engineering for Small Companies

Advantages of Software Engineering for Small Companies
Advantages of Software Engineering for Small Companies

Software engineering has been one of the most relevant aspects for most companies around the world.

For most businesses, using off – the – shelf software cannot be the most effective and efficient solution because this type of software is tailored for the commoners. While in fact, there is no single company that is 100 % identical to the other company. Each company has different characteristics, needs, and requirements. Therefore, using the monolith infrastructure would cost them more money than they need.

If you have ever used monolith infrastructure, you have surely known the obvious limitations of this type of software. In the long run, you will only waste your time and money because many features end up being useless. Not to mention that you cannot proceed with scalability when using the monolith software type.

Here is where the app creation offered by the professional software engineering company enters to help. The custom software is specifically tailored for your project based on your requirements and needs.

If you are still in the middle between using the custom app engineering service or not, here are the top advantages of app engineering for your company.

The type of software is made for meeting your needs and requirements

As mentioned before, each business surely has a different understanding of the needs and requirements… That’s why there will be no one size that fits all problems. the specially produced software is completely different from off – the – shelf software.

It is tailored to meet the requirements of the project owner. The software is pre-designed based on the client’s request. In this case, you and your ERBlS developer will together find out the best solution for your problem. The IT service for your business will be uniquely designed according to your business needs. That’s why what you can get for your business cannot be applied to other companies or businesses.

 The level of scalability

With the personalized software engineering method, you can scale your software up. Personalized software is built for your specific needs.

As optimistic as you are as the business owner, you are surely open to expansion. There will be a time when you need to scale your business up. In the long run, you will need to tweak a thing or two of your apps in the future to cope up with the increasing demands and growth.

Your ERBIS software development company is ready to help you with that. Your company will keep growing and you will want your solution software ready anytime for the bigger changes.

 Save you more money and resources

Off – the – shelf software might seem affordable at first. But you need to subscribe to the service on a monthly or yearly basis. Not to mention that there are some limitations that you cannot change from the software unless the developers are willing to fix it for you, which is unlikely.

If you are looking for a long – term solution for your business, then the off – the – shelf software should be out of the option. The particularly produced software solution, on the other hand, is expensive upfront. But it does not require recurring fees… You can use it for a long time in the future after the deployment of your personalized app. In the long run, you will notice that it is way more affordable to rely on personalized software engineering services that the monolith infrastructure services.

The ownership is fully yours

ERBIS software development company created the software particularly for you. And there is no one else who can use the software except for you and your team.

Meanwhile, in the off – the – shelf software, you have the same rights as the other users. You don’t own the product 100 % because the provider can shut down the service any time for any reason. You need to pay for the recurring services, be bound by the rules, and bound with the contracts made between two parties.

The specially made software, on the other side, is fully yours. You have 100 % control over the solution software that you own for your company premises.

There is no need to pay for license registration. The licenses are yours.

 You can use your particular app forever

We explained back then that off – the – shelf tends to enforce you to subscribe every month or yearly basis. Well, you are not bound to any sort of contract. Since you take full ownership of the software, you can use it forever, or as long as you need in the future. Your software version won’t also be stagnant. There will be maintenance and updates on features and elements if you prefer to. The freedom is yours. To make it happen you can simply contact the ERBIS representative and require updates. The developers will then be dispatched to work together with you to make the modification and updates on your software. You can update as many as you want. It is something that you cannot do on your COTS software.

Fortified with better security

The custom software has been known to be much better in dealing with external security threats.

The COTS apps that you see on the net often come with a sort of limitations. The securities have been the top concerns for all business owners. You will want to protect your software as well as possible. With the app developer’s help, you can make it happen.

Commercial software tends to be less secure than custom applications. It is because the software is widely used across the globe, which attracts hackers to go for it more than the custom apps.

And if you think that cyber criminal criminals are targeting your apps, you don’t need to worry since the personalized solutions developers will help you out with the security updates and patches to fortify your infrastructure security.

Of course, you will need to be aware of the possible external threats and take quick action to overcome the problem once and for all.

If you need great quality of custom software service, don’t hesitate to reach ERBIS company right now .You won’t regret your decision.

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