We All Know AI Is Our Future – And Hackers Couldn’t Be Happier About It


When you think about it, every single one of us uses Artificial intelligence (AI) in our daily lives, one way or another. Considering how much AI improved in the last couple of years, it is clear we can expect many great things from this technology in the next decade.

So far, we have speech and image recognition, customer service, smart cities, video analysis, and so much more. But artificial intelligence can go even further. It could be the driving force behind future medical breakthroughs as well as fighting climate change.

Unfortunately, artificial intelligence might also be vulnerable to cyberattacks in the early stages of development, which could give hackers plenty of opportunities to do some damage.

The link between cybersecurity and AI

Artificial intelligence uses machine learning and can improve many aspects of cybersecurity across the board. Therefore, a computer will be capable of making better decisions in various situations, including cybersecurity.

For instance, a computer equipped with artificial intelligence can detect potential threats within a system or network and isolate them instantly without waiting for permission. It is way faster than any human and can also predict future threats.

Overall, artificial intelligence has the potential to become the best possible cybersecurity option for companies around the globe. The frequency of cyberattacks is increasing, and hackers are finding new ways of creating security breaches, so it is time we do something about it.

The future of AI

Not everyone is on the same page regarding the development of more advanced artificial intelligence. But it is clear that the tech community is on board and is working on improving AI as we speak. It is only a matter of time before they reveal the latest advancements.

Of course, every major scientific breakthrough comes with pros and cons. But one thing is for sure – advanced artificial intelligence will change our lives, as well as the field of cybersecurity. What we can do right now is start learning about AI.   

Potential risks

Even though artificial intelligence looks like the optimal solution to cyberattacks right now, it is not flawless. For instance, companies and organizations need to continue paying attention to regular software updates even if they use AI for cybersecurity.

Some international businesses have already accepted AI as a cybersecurity measure. Unfortunately, the AI we have right now could use some work. It might attract hackers who will do anything to find a code error and create a security breach.

The current artificial intelligence is not strong enough to handle cyberattacks on its own, but it is still quite useful, especially when paired with other apps. Don’t give up on your antivirus or VPN. Every good research will reveal the usefulness of this software.

If you go through online blogs and read any NordVPN review, you will understand how beneficial VPN is for preventing data breaches. You don’t have to limit your research to NordVPN review only, but look into the antivirus you are using at the moment too.

Cybersecurity is a serious thing, and it is of great importance that you protect yourself and your privacy. The same goes if you are a business owner. Artificial intelligence is the future of internet security, so embrace it early.

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