Modern Advancement: All You Need To Know About LiDAR Technology


LiDAR Technology

Technological advancement keeps getting better and better over time. It’s as if every challenging task a person could do manually is now digitized and could be done better with the assistance of the right kind of modernized technology. Truly, with these great advancements, people enjoy the convenience it brings to everyday life. 

Thankfully, scientists and other professionals are not stopping creating better technology from which we could all benefit. In this way, it makes a living on Earth easier and doable. In this current generation, it’s as if you cannot think of anything that technology could not fix or assist you with. 

Whether in offices, laboratories, schools, and more, technology is present. But, have you heard of one of the highly beneficial technologies to people- the Lidar? If not, then continue reading below as we discuss everything you need to know about them. 

What Is LiDAR? 

LiDAR stands for the term Light Detection and Ranging. This amazing technology works as a remote sensing method and is used to examine the Earth’s surface. Other than that, it could also help in detecting various particles found in air and water. 

LiDar is beneficial since many scientists need answers to research questions about the ecosystem and the regional scale. LiDar has been the greatest answer in providing help with its remote sensing feature. In this technology, the sensor captures information in a given landscape, and they do not have to do a physical measurement with their hands which could be very challenging. 

In addition, there is also lidar scanning software which is truly amazing. This software enables a person to measure a given distance in two different points. It could give high-resolution maps and be used in various applications and situations. 

Can LiDAR Give Some Accurate Data? 

Also, LiDAR has been trusted by many because it is accurate as compared to photogrammetry data. It’s able to penetrate trees and give better results than the bare Earth. On the contrary, photogrammetry offers a guess by using the contours in areas hidden by trees. Lastly, the LiDAR system is being controlled in a platform and can scan from side to side.

How Does LiDAR Work? 

LiDAR technology has an active remote sensing system which connotes that its system could generate energy for it to measure the things found on the surface of the Earth. You could imagine that in a LiDAR system, light is released from a laser and travels that could reflect various things like branches of trees. So, the light reflected would return to the LiDAR’s sensor, where it’s being recorded. 

What Are the File Formats of LiDAR? 

The file format used in a LiDAR file is .las, a binary and open format that the American Society supports for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing or ASPRS. This format is widely used and the standard format in lidar data. 

But, not long ago, another format in .laz was made by Martin Isenberg, an independent scientist and consistent. The major difference between the two file formats is that the .laz format is considered the compressed version of the .las format. 

What Are the Applications of LiDAR? 

LiDAR has been a great help to people even long ago. They are not only for single-use, but they are present in various applications. In any situation, they are helpful when the shape and structure of the Earth need to be known. Stated here below are some of its interesting applications. 

  • Land Surveying: With the help of drones, a LiDAR sensor could be attached to it and help collect data quickly and cost-effectively. An unmanned aerial vehicle is a perfect pair to a LiDAR when you want to cover a land area where a human-crewed aircraft vehicle is unsuitable. 
  • Farming and Forestry: A LiDAR-equipped drone can be used to survey large farmlands and help its owners know how they could increase their farm products’ productivity. Even in forest areas, LiDAR could show the effects of human activity and show a 3D model of it.
  • Transportation Expansion: A LiDAr is a very powerful tool in expanding transportation systems and railing stations. It can help scan wide road areas and provide data that could help plan for the future of transportation. 
  • Mining: LiDAR is the perfect instrument when you want to detect some open mines without having to risk disrupting work on the ground. 
  • Power Line Inspection: Inspecting power lines could be dangerous, but LiDAR technology enables people to identify probable power line problems with the help of UAVs. 


Technologies like LiDAR may not be discussed by many, but it is one of the most beneficial technological advancements we have here on Earth. With its great accuracy and contribution in giving people ideas in understanding the surface, we are closer to creating a better world and taking better care of Earth. If you want to learn more about LiDAR, you may refer to the information stated above. 

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