Apple AR Glasses To Appear In 2019 With rOS – Reports Suggest !


When Apple first announced iOS 11, we knew that Apple is focusing on the practical uses of Augmented Reality (AR) more & more. And with some practical implementations in the iPhone 8, 8 Plus & X, Apple will likely expand their AR line up even more with Apple AR Glasses.

Apple AR Glasses To Appear In 2019 With rOS - Reports Suggest


A new report suggests that, it’ll carry a code name T288 and Apple will release it on 2019. This news was actually leaked from somewhere inside the Taiwan Supply Chain. Now, the concept looks pretty similar to what Google did with their Google Glass implementation a few years ago. But, that didn’t turned pretty good & also wasn’t something pretty useful depending on it’s capabilities. So taking a few years more, we need to see what Apple can do with their AR Glass. At least it should be useful to people who are actually looking forward to use AR capabilities in professional fields.

Apple is also expected to include a custom version of iOS in their AR Glass called rOS. Now, we do not know what exactly Apple wants to approach their watch for but, we hope they can do pretty well & we’ll be finally using AR to do something useful instead of using with for fun purposes only.




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