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Just like doctors in real life work to extend the life span of their patients. Similarly Battery Doctor fulfils its duty by helping you increase the stand-by time of your mobile device. This simple and free app can help extend your battery life by up to 50%. It also has a host of features like accurate monitoring of battery status, detailed check-up of battery health with tips to increase its longevity, average usage time calculated over different modes of usage (like 3G data, 2G talk, Wifi etc), a unique 3 stage charging system as well as Battery Optimizer that quickly disables battery draining apps to conserve battery life.

At a Glance :

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Developer Cheetah Mobile Inc.
Type Utility Software
First Launched April 2013
Supported Platforms Android and iOS
Minimum Requirements Android 2.3 and above
iOS 5 and above
Latest Version 4.23 on Android
2.4 on iOS
Content Rating Rated for 3+
Supported Languages 15
Price Free (in app purchases and ADs)


Features :

  1. Unique 3 stage Charging system : (fast / Continuous / Trickle)
    The app not just monitors your battery life but also regulates the flow of electricity into the battery to ensure quick and efficient charging.
  2. Extend Battery Life :
    Using the Battery Optimizer, get the maximum juice out of your battery, instantly kill heating and battery consuming apps to conserve power as well as adjust settings like Wifi, Bluetooth, Data, Brightness etc to extend standby time.
  3. Accurate Monitoring :
    The App accurately predicts the amount of charge remaining, as well as estimates the amount of usage possible when various activities are performed, like 2G talk, 3G data, Wifi etc. Thus keeping you informed and in control.
  4. Widget :
    A floating 4×1 widget for your homescreen, helps access battery doctor on the fly. Task Killer eliminates apps that drain your battery. Also options to quickly manage wifi, brightness etc add to your convenience.

Battery Doctor For Android Battery Doctor For iOS Battery Doctor For Windows

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