7 Best Transcription Software for Mac (Free & Paid)


Are you looking for the best transcription software for Mac, is it affordable and easy to use? We are all familiar with the latest advanced technologies found in all fields such as education and industry. In the world of writers, most tools are created to help writers. We will face such growth.

Transcript software allows you to automatically transcribe audio to text or convert any (mp4 or mp3 format) video and audio file into a text document or .docx. It will work and manage their performance based on the operating system. The main function of transcription software is to identify the human voice behind video files or audio formats and then convert them into text so that it can be archived.

This transcribing software for Mac helps everyone, whether you are a businessman, a doctor, a legal expert, or a writer and even it can do police interview transcription who focuses primarily on the field of text conversion.

However, many students and individual users also benefit. There is also medical dictation software for Mac specifically developed for medical professionals.

This article tries to add the best-exclusive transcript software for Mac that enhances user productivity to our curated list as real-time analysis is an important aspect of providing a stress-free life at a low cost.

The average person with a typing speed of 60wpm can type 1500 to 2000 words per hour while we humans can speak up to 4000 words per hour. The list of software below will definitely increase the overall productivity by reducing our working hours.

 What is the Best Transcription Software for Mac?

You need to use these software programs to get the maximum performance and time. This software will help you to get the text of almost all the languages ​​in the spoken text of their choice.

If you read to the end of the article, you will find the  best transcription software for Mac, some of which are free and some are paid, but come at a low price and within your budget. You can easily download this software online from the respective website.

1. Descript

The descript transcript is somewhat unique compared to other translation programs we have preserved. First and foremost, this is one of the most current UIs we’ve ever seen.


This Mac transcription software is an expert interpretation program that simultaneously serves as an intelligent sound proof reader. You can use this program to translate audio and apply some interesting features naturally.

We revere how organized Descript is concerning the substance. You have limitless authority over how a sound archive is played and coordinated with the translated data.

This would be useful for a really long time when you really want to make adjusts. Descript moreover incorporates likely the best joint exertion and analysis options we’ve seen.

Examining features, Descript has various to offer. Instinctive handiness makes you complete the interpretation in a matter of moments. Constrained by Google Speech, this instrument furnishes a fabulous level of precision with respect to automated translation. Leave that to the side; Descript actually can be used as an exceptional technique to deal with the other collection of manual translations.

Descript estimating begins from a free form with maker and Pro designs to custom valuing

2.  Express Scribe (Free/Up to $49.99)

Express Scribe record programming is created by NCH programming. It is the best programming that is brimming with cutting edge highlights and furthermore to be the best ally for novices. This was uniquely intended for macintosh clients.

In the event that we talk about the exhibition of this item, it will be the best one. The presentation and the speed increase will empower the course of change inside a small part of seconds. The degree of work will be higher with express recorder foot pedal control, variable Speech, text motor. That shows that this item should be in one No.1 position on our rundown.

Express Scribe

The initial step in the wake of introducing this product is to see how to utilize express recorder and get to know the product interface. We can add more elements like hotkeys and foot pedals from the choices board or even record. Bring and drop the sound or video documents. Then, at that point, the express recorder discourse to message element will begin changing over with computerized AI.

We can handle the playback too. Press F9 or F5 and F4 for a beginning and quit recording and don’t stress over the protection it is absolutely free from any danger.

This will be the best instrument for typists and record proficient authors.

Presently, in the event that you are thinking, Is express recorder free you are correct this is the free record programming macintosh yet you can likewise move up to the express copyist professional rendition assuming you need.

3. Transcribe.Wreally ($20 each year)

Transcribe is an extraordinary programming intended for Mac to interpret mp3 to text and convert various configurations like mp3,mp4, AMR, and so on, into the text record structure proficiently and actually.


This sound to-message converter is extraordinary in controlling and eliminating the clamor and aggravations behind the sound. This permits the clients to partake in the saved time and lifts their energy levels to work more. There are numerous alternate ways, and significant highlights like programmed saving are available in this item. Consequently, constraints are precluded here.

Introduce Transcribe! We can add more elements like easy routes and keystroke saver from the choices board or even record. Select and add to change sound over to text or video to text, and we can handle the playback moreover. Press hotkeys or save easy routes for a beginning and stop of recording. The document gets saved subsequent to halting.

This will be the best record programming for amateurs.

The cost of the product begins from USD 20.

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4. Maestra ($29 – $99 each month)

Maestra is the best programming for deciphering the sound naturally, and it is intended to get moment captions and inscriptions for the client. This is additionally the most favored one for business purposes.

This is a uniquely planned discourse acknowledgment programming that naturally empowers the creation of the captions and the subtitles which makes it the best correspondence programming for mac.

The software had an option to make the work simpler and more effective. Although the features and tools are not very advanced, it was chosen because of its unique features such as timecoding and automatic modification.

The first step after installing this software is to understand things like automatic controls. We may add additional features such as closed captions or transcription from the Options panel. Bring audio or video files and you can control the playback as well. Press Start and Stop Editor Options.

This would be a great tool for easy content.

The price of the software starts from USD 29

 5. Nvivo (Above $1200)

The Nvivo programming will assist every one of the clients of various conspicuous working frameworks with preferring (Linux, Mac, Windows, and so forth) to get upheld by its strategy of breaking down, changing over, and putting away different information into text.

The  record is the one that is best for novices or even experts assuming they pick it. The most recent adaptation of this translating programming for Mac is Nvivo 12. The most appropriate stage for this product is Mac gadgets. The unmistakable elements are cooperative apparatuses and document sharing, alongside information representation and multi-language choices. Every one of these were talked about on the checked surveys from the clients.


Introduce this subjective programming. We can add additional highlights like add notes and information enhancement from the choices board or even record. Bring and drop the sound or video documents, and we can handle the playback with the manager. Press hotkeys or save easy routes for a beginning and stop of recording. You can likewise watch nvivo instructional exercises to be familiar with this exhaustively.

This will be the best instrument for specialists and understudies.

One of the most significant in regards to this product is the amount does Nvivo cost? The Nvivo estimating is a one-time installment of USD 1240. There is additionally Nvivo free preliminary accessible that you can utilize at first at zero expense. After that time of expiry, you need to pay for the permit.

6.  Dragon (Starts at $300)

For some speedy clients, this Dragon programming will upgrade their work with its special normally talking devices that save their time. This was planned exceptionally for Mac clients to assist with their record cycle.

There are numerous cooperative apparatuses like altering the content, changing and emulating the voice of the principal individual, and a lot more that have worked on the exhibition of the winged serpent discourse to message programming. This discourse acknowledgment programming got its place in our arranged rundown due to its unique highlights.

Subsequent to introducing the subtlety mythical beast programming, add your profile prior to translating. The choices board and the novel devices will begin mythical beast record from the choices board. Bring and drop the sound or video documents, Press hotkeys, or saved alternate ways for a beginning and quit recording and this will consequently interpret sound to message. The document gets saved in the wake of halting.

This will be the best apparatus for transcription as well as professional web recordings.

The cost of the winged serpent voice acknowledgment programming begins from USD 300.

7.  Deepgram (Free/Flexible)

Deepgram is AI extraordinary discourse to-message programming intended for Mac to change over various configurations like mp3, mp4, AMR, and so on, into the message record.

This record programming for Mac is unique in controlling and eliminating clamor and unsettling influences, yet there is additionally a change size of Speech. This permits the clients to partake in the saved time and lifts their energy levels to work more. Impediments are likewise precluded here. This permits the clients to get additional advantage from the reexamined Deepgram.


The initial step in the wake of introducing this product is to comprehend and get like the API keys. From that point onward, we can add more highlights like hotkeys and alternate routes from the choices board or even record. Bring and drop the sound or video records, click on interpret.

This will be the best instrument for financial specialists in many endeavors.

The cost of the product begins from USD 250.

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