Best Travel Vlogging Cameras 2020

Best Travel Vlogging Cameras 2020
Best Travel Vlogging Cameras 2020

Vlogging or video blogging is a rage these days. You can see such videos on YouTube or other similar platforms where people share their creative videos using popular video editing tools like this one here. But what about a suitable YouTube intro maker camera? Want to know which are the best cameras for vlogging? Well, you have come to the right place! Below in this article, we will cover the Best Travel Vlogging Cameras 2020.

Things to consider

When you search for a vlogging camera online, you would be overwhelmed by the wide range of choices. This will eventually leave you confused about which camera to pick. Here are a few factors that can help you in the selection process.

1. Type of camera

If you are looking for a small portable camera, you can pick an action camera. They are sturdy enough to withstand some amount of tumble during traveling. Such cameras have a fixed wide view through which all the action in front of you can be captured. This type of camera is best for all those vloggers who are constantly traveling.

If you want to capture high-quality photos and videos, go for a DSLR camera. They offer utmost versatility through the huge interchangeable lenses and large sensors it possesses. However, you must note that such types of cameras are generally pretty bulky.

A variation of DSLR cameras is the mirrorless cameras. Just like the DSLR cameras, they have a large sensor, but they do not possess a moving mirror. In such cameras, the image goes directly to the sensor. They are much smaller in size than DSLR cameras, but they do provide the same quality of images and videos.

If you want an even smaller camera with the same kind of capabilities as that of a DSLR or mirrorless camera, go for a micro four-thirds camera. They come with interchangeable lenses and are one of the most popular travel vlogging cameras.

2. Field of view

The field of view refers to the measure of an area that can be focused on by the camera. A wide-angle field of view would be great for action scenes; however, a narrow field of view would be perfect for taking close-up shots.

If you want a wide field of view, action cameras are perfect for it. You can even opt for DSLR cameras since they give the desired field of view with interchangeable lenses.

3. Megapixels/resolution

Megapixels and resolution are terms that are commonly associated while marketing any camera. This is why many of you might have come across these terms when you are looking for a camera.

You may feel that a higher number of megapixels would mean that the camera is a good one. This is somewhat true since a higher megapixel count indicates that greater detail in an image or video can be captured.

4. Monitor

The monitor is simply the screen on the camera, which displays the preview of images and videos that you have captured using the camera. A few cameras have a huge display, some have a very small display, while some do not have this display. You can base your decision regarding this according to your preference.

5. Sensor size

The board where the pixels sit for the collection of light is called the sensor. When the sensor is bigger, the pixels can be bigger. This would mean that the data, light, clarity of the pictures, and videos taken from your camera are better.

The smaller cameras, like the action cameras, generally have a smaller sensor. Whereas, bulky cameras like the DSLRs have a full-frame large sensor. If you are just starting out in the blogging world, you do not need a large sensor camera.

6. Microphone input

For the vlogging videos you take, you would of course want your voice or any other audio to be recorded. If this is an important criterion for you, you must look for cameras that have an in-built microphone.

You should be aware of this fact that not all the inbuilt microphones are of good quality. It won’t have features to control the background noise and give clear audio in the footage. This is why it is better that you look for a vlogging camera that has a microphone input through which the audio in your vlogs can be clearer and better in quality.

Best vlogging cameras

1. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

This is a mirrorless camera with a 20.4 MP resolution. It has incredible video specs and impressive image stabilization. With this camera, you have the option of shooting 4K Cinema at 2 FPS. you can also shoot full HD videos at 120 FPS using this camera which is truly remarkable.

2. Sony ZV-1

This is one of the best compact vlogging cameras which features a 1-inch sensor and is capable of capturing footage at 20.1 MP resolution. The autofocus feature inbuilt in this camera remains unmatched to date. With a 24-70 mm lens and other incredible features, this is a vlogging camera that is hard to miss.

3. Fujifilm X-T4

This is a high quality vlogging camera with a 3 inch monitor and APS-C sensor. With 26.1 MP resolution capability, the image and video quality of the footage by this camera is excellent. The IBIS is a big bonus feature for the vloggers. If the quality of the video is a high priority for you, this camera is perfect.

4. Canon EOS M50

This is another great mirrorless camera with APS-C CMOS sensor. The resolution offered by this camera is 24.1 MP with excellent dual pixel autofocus. Although this camera is not the best when it comes to shooting 4K videos, it is a great pick if you are switching over from your smartphone to cameras for shooting footage.

5. Dji Osmo Pocket

This is a compact and small camera which is great for shooting footage at 12 MP resolution. Being weather-proofed and action-packed, this camera can be used to shoot high-quality 4K videos at 30 FPS irrespective of the atmospheric conditions.

These cameras are great for anyone who is just starting out on their vlogging journey. Once you have the great footage with the help of any of these superior cameras, you can use an online video editor tool like to fine-tune the footage before posting it online on different platforms.

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