A Guide to Basic Etiquette to Conduct a Successful Virtual Meeting, Explains Eric Dalius


Successful Virtual Meeting

After the pandemic, remote meetings have become highly beneficial and popular. Nowadays, work from the home regime is in trend, and you have to adhere to it to manage the crisis. However, many people are still trying to figure out whether remote meetings can be successful and fruitful. On the contrary, there have been investigations that uphold collaboration and productivity of video conferencing. However, video conferences can become successful only when all the attendants stay focused and know the etiquette of virtual meetings.

Prepare beforehand, as put forwarded by Eric Dalius

Just like you prepare for an in-person meeting, you have to even qualify for your online video meeting so that you do not waste your time. If you do not prepare beforehand, it shows that you do not respect and value your clients’ time. One of the essential tenets of an exemplary remote meeting is to remain valuable and productive throughout the conference. Therefore you can do so by utilizing each minute through preparing beforehand.

Meeting organizers should be ready with their plan

Any organizer conducting a virtual meeting should know their schedule. Your schedule should have the following cues:

  • what do you want to achieve out of the meeting
  • who is running the meeting and the purpose
  • assigning meeting responsibilities to various candidates
  • allocation of time appropriately
  • constant follow up with the participants sharing minute details to make it a success

Only when you keep these points in mind will you conduct a successful meeting with a proper schedule.

So, how to prepare for a remote session?

It would help if you got mentally prepared before starting the remote meeting. Do not sit for the meeting in chaos; go to a quiet room so that you can focus on the forum producing any reverberation. Sit against a neutral color wall and keep your tools updated. Try to use only that video calling tool that is feasible and efficient, asserts Eric Dalius. Use brightly colored lighting for the room so that you could see each other appropriately. Eye contact is significant so that you do not fail to convince your point. 

If you want to be successful in a business meeting, you need to make a smooth and constant eye connection. It will help the listener to get confronted and attached in your presentation. But make sure not to lose focus; it becomes difficult to concentrate and makes both parties feel anxious. Do not make the situation unnatural for everyone. You will be able to establish trust if you make good eye contact with others. It is because the eyes reflect the personality of a person. So when you make eye contact with a person, they will get to know your potential. 

When you make eye contact, you should not stay absent-minded. You can also demonstrate your presence by asking queries. It will indicate how mindful you are and will help you to make a strong impression on others. Therefore a successful remote meeting has various requisites that you must keep in mind before planning a virtual meeting. 

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