Dell And Nikki Reed Are Making Gold Jewelery From Recycled Computer Motherboards


It doesn’t matter if you have ever visited CES or not. We all know that a lot of unexpected stuff comes for a showcase at CES but, most of these stuff are weired Tech Gadgets of some sort. But, would you ever expect Gold Jewelery at CES ? If not it was there in CES 2018 & the reason behind that is Dell.

So, these Jeweleries are not Tech but, technically they are part of Tech that are not Tech anymore but, they were used in Tech in the past. Ok, the previous line was actually intended to annoy you a bit. To be simple, the Gold used in these Jeweleries have actually been recycled from some old & dead motherboards of Dell.

[Image Credits: BaYou with Love (Dell)]

So, Dell has announced that the’re collaborating with the Twilight famous actress Nikki Reed to bring the Gold from their recycled Motherboards to form brand new Fashion Jeweleries. These Jeweleries are being sold via. a website called. Bayou with Love.

“Bayou with Love was created to bring greater awareness to the human impact on our planet and show that beautiful items can come from sustainably sourced and recycled materials,” said Nikki Reed, Actress & Co-founder of Bayou with Love. “By recycling gold that was once considered ‘waste,’ Dell and I are working to create an environment where we continuously reuse resources and strive for zero waste.”

Currently only 12.5% of the e-waste is recycled into products & the rest are thrown out. Just in Americas, it is estimated that the the value of the total Gold & Silver that gets thrown out is around $60 Million per year. So, steps the these from Dell are hugely welcome.

Dell is selling these Jeweleries on the Bayou with Love website & the starting price is around $78.


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