Error Code 80072efd -Unable To Access Microsoft Outlook

Error 80072efd on Windows mobile devices is commonly experienced when the user tries to sync their Gmail or Hotmail accounts with Microsoft outlook or sending files from Microsoft Officer 365 over Microsoft Outlook account over a mobile data connection.

What is error 80072efd ?

Simply put, error 80072efd is a system conflict created when the device is unable to access Microsoft Outlook servers over a mobile data connection. Effectively disallowing Outlook to sync with Gmail / Hotmail or other equivalent mail clients and resulting in the error message 80072efd. Although it must be noted that the same should be working over a Wifi connection. Else the error may be caused by some other issue.

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When it Occurs?

You will mainly encounter error code 80072efd “We’re having trouble connecting to outlook” message. This problem is experienced primarily when users try to access their mail using Microsoft Outlook app, synced to Gmail or Hotmail servers. The main cause of the error lies either in the mobile network (using 2G, 3G or even 4G) not having sufficient privileges to access Outlook servers or the settings being configured in a manner that blocks certain connections leading to failure of Office 365 / Outlook to sync their contents.

Precautions to take:

As we have already established that error 80072efd stems from a problem with the mobile data connection. The best way to mitigate the situation is to ensure that the connection is stable, secure and has sufficient signal strength. Moreover, the user can try checking the network settings to check if the same has all the necessary access privileges to work at peak speeds, and is not restricted by any data saving  / firewall type apps.

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Methods to Solve Error Code 80072efd:

Method 1 :

The most common method which works in most situations is to restart / reset the mobile data connection.

  1. From Start, Go to Settings
  2. Select Mobile Network and check the Data Connection and 3G Connection
  3. Tap to turn them off and wait for 1-2 minutes
  4. Turn on Data Connection and 3G Connection again
  5. Try to access Microsoft Outlook again, the problem should be solved

Method 2:

If the above method does not work, the next logical step is to reboot the device. From the home screen, press the power button to restart the device, wait 1-2 minutes for the system to boot up again. Retry the operation.

If the above method fails. Try to do a reset the device. This is the same as restoring factory settings on an Android system.

  1. From Settings, Select About
  2. Then choose Reset your Phone
  3. At this stage users are recommended to backup all their data before proceeding .
  4. Choose Yes twice and proceed with the reset process

Method 3:

Remove Outlook account and Add it again

In this step, users must first remove their outlook account from their device and re-add it. This helps in resetting any settings that might have been disturbed during usage. Effectively setting up everything afresh for use.

  1. Open The Microsoft Office 365 app and Navigate to Microsoft Outlook
  2. Choose the Settings option and then See All Settings
  3. Here select Phone and then Mobile Phone
  4. From the list choose the device being used currently and remove the same
  5. Now navigate to the home screen and go to settings
  6. Select Email + Accounts and remove Office 365 account from your phone
  7. Reboot the device
  8. Again Go to Settings and choose Email + Accounts
  9. Choose Add an Account, Select Microsoft Officer 365 first and then Microsoft Outlook
  10. Set-up the accounts by providing the requisite passwords and you should be ready to go

Following the above steps should reset all settings that might have caused error 80072efd.