FOXCONN Factory Worker Leaks iPad Pro Image: Rumor Or Confirmed?


Gathering through the different suspicious rumors about the next iPad, we came across this source: nowhereelse who have leaked unofficial news about the next iPad, which will be known as the iPad Pro. Check the leaked image of iPad Pro.



This image was captured by one of the FOXCONN factory worker. The employee said that the phases of testing (EVT) was thrown in the last summer and were waiting for the approval.

Not less than 7 months earlier to the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the FOXCONN worker had sent a sketch to NoWhereElse. After few months of this sketch, an authentic Document made it confirmed.

This new iPad Pro is expected to be 7.5mm in thickness, but not yet confirmed. With the leaked image, we haven’t got any information about the specification or feature. We will be following all the updates on this and will keep you posted.

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