Getting to Grips with New Business Technologies


In today’s world, emerging business technologies can form the landscape of the business world. You don’t have to look much further than the introduction of AI in business in order to see the level of impact that this can have. This can lead to a state of mind where people assume that simply incorporating this technology into their business is going to be enough to take them to the top, but that might not often be the case.

In order to truly make the most of it, you and your team need to master the technologies that you’re using, which is a process that can sometimes make for a difficult transitional period.


Going back to AI as a prime example, this period of learning can lead to some mismatched expectations about where these tools are going to take you. AI has already been shown to have incredible utility in a wide variety of businesses, but that doesn’t mean that you can automatically let go of your staff members who operate in similar functions. It’s likely to be a combination of the two that’s going to allow for AI to make the kind of impact that you’re hoping for. 

Furthermore, while the capabilities of AI in many areas are certainly impressive, the weaknesses in the content that’s produced this way might become more apparent once you’re completely relying on it for your outputs.

All this to say, the success of tools, no matter how groundbreaking they are, lies in how you utilize them—especially when you’re competing with so many other businesses with the same access.

Weaknesses and Flaws

On that note, you should also be acutely aware of any potential failings of the technology you use before you start using it. You don’t want to be caught off-guard by something that was easily avoidable, but sometimes avoiding these issues means investigating other techniques or even technologies. API gateways, for example, are a fantastic means of implementing microservices and connections to relevant software within your web design, but they’re also digital spaces where sensitive information is often entered, making them a target. 

Knowing, then, the API security best practices can allow you to take measures in order to protect yourself and your customers from these prospective threats, and in turn allowing you to get the most out of what the initial technology has to offer.

Staff Training

The opportunity to further their own professional development is always going to be an exciting prospect for people who are thinking about joining your business. However, staff training can be more than just an added benefit to entice employees—it can also be something that directly benefits your business. 

Having a more satisfied and content team of employees is obviously beneficial, but the skills that they acquire can lead to you having a more qualified and experienced workforce. This can allow you to produce a higher quality of work, and you can offer training in relevant areas so the skills they gain can be applied immediately to your own operations.

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