How Automation and Smart Tech is Changing Our World


Technology has become the go-to for most businesses and people’s day-to-day lives. That said, throughout the years, it has also evolved into a larger capacity, each on its own. For instance, the old telephone became a high-end and advanced smartphone, and there are also advancements like facial recognition software, biometrics, and even automated chatbots, to name a few.

Smart Devices

Smart devices were probably one of the fastest growing technologies since the start of computers and software. Over time, it continued to morph into what we know today; smart homes are now possible thanks to technology and connections like Alexa and Siri. It’s easy to enjoy simple things like temperature control at the flick of a button, and you can control your property’s security systems even when you’re not present in the same vicinity.

Other smart devices include CCTV video feed, voice commands, data analytics, and lots more. According to a recent study, the use of body cameras in the Rialto, California Police Department showed a 60% drop in the use of force by officers, and the crime rate and attempted crime were lowered by the sight of a body camera on the officer. This shows the profound effect technology can have. People can also enjoy the likes of smartwatches synchronized with their mobile phones, tablet devices, Bluetooth, wifi, and the list goes on.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, simply known as AI, is one of the leading advances of technology seen today. AI allows software programs like Siri and other voice-controlled devices to function a step ahead, already knowing how to answer questions and do certain things. For work, it’s like having a personal assistant.

Artificial intelligence allows for the recruitment of employees because of analytics and algorithms pointing out the best possible candidates. The process is also less biased and can be automated for posting on job boards. Recruiting algorithms increase the chances of hiring productive and competent employees by 50%.

Artificial intelligence also incorporates machine learning that allows businesses to understand their customers and the market while solving problems in the process. It is often used in business planning and has many other inputs.

Cloud Storage and Computing

Can you imagine storage of the old days that were down to floppy disks and massive storage devices? Only much later, the introduction of portable hard drives and flash drives (thumb drives) helped to make storage even better. But portable devices also risk the chance of becoming damaged and or corrupt. However, they are still convenient and affordable.

While portable storage is still amazing, the likes of cloud computing and storage make things even more convenient. With cloud systems in place, companies can synchronize work between staff members and can collaborate and update in real time.

Cloud computing is also accessible from anywhere in the world and has security in place with encryption coding to help protect sensitive and private files. Best of all, storage on the cloud is almost continuous to some extent.

Driver Assistance Software

Technology has also improved how drivers manage on the road, with convenience like driver assists that include signals to warn the driver of lane straddling, parking sensors, blind spot warnings, and lots more. Other technologies help remind drivers and passengers to buckle up, to signal if a door isn’t shut properly, and sense if the driver is falling asleep behind the wheel.

Furthermore, new technological systems have also made it possible for self-driving cars to become something of a reality rather than an idea seen in a sci-fi movie. There are also better braking systems, stability control, and much more, with each car having something to offer. Globally, 1.25 million people die in road collisions yearly. An additional 20-50 million casualties sustain injuries or permanent disabilities because of traffic accidents yearly.

Even now, as you read this, technology continues to develop even more. Space engineering and robotics are becoming more useful and integrated into many types of machinery used regularly.

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