How Your Insurance Company Can Benefit From Cloud Call Center Software

Cloud Call Center Software
Cloud Call Center Software

The call center is one of the first places where customers interact with your company. It can have both positive and negative impacts on your brand and their decision. Why is the call center so important in the insurance industry and how can you benefit from implementing cloud call center software?

1. It Allows Customers to Make Buying Decisions Easier

Insurance policies are not the kind of thing you buy every day like food in a supermarket.  Your customers need time to do some research before, to weigh all the pros and cons and so on. That’s when cloud call center software from Voiptime can be very helpful. It will help you to make your call center a place where your prospects can get professional advice and make a more informed decision. Moreover, it can help your agents to get rid of some repetitive and simple tasks as well as keep them from becoming bored.

2. Customer Service Becomes More Personalized

With call center software, you can deliver more personalized customer service. Such a feature as the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu allows you to identify callers using information from CRM and route them to the appropriate agent based on their previous experience. Your agents can benefit from using CRM integration as well. They will be able to save time and get more information about customers without having to switch between separate apps.

And last but not least, a personalized IVR menu delivers top-notch self-service to your policyholders, providing them with the information they might be looking for. As for your prospects, they can find in the IVR menu answers to the frequently asked questions without involving your agents. It allows your employees to focus on solving more difficult problems and keeps them motivated.

3. More Opportunities for Cross-Selling and Upselling

Cloud call center software creates more opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. Your employees can offer additional insurance products to existing customers or upsell something to prospective ones, using multiple channels. Our call center solution allows them to handle not only calls but also customers’ questions, sent via live chat on your company’s website. Thanks to that, the agents’ productivity can increase because it is possible to handle several chats at the same time.

4. Come Across as Local

Customers are more likely to buy from someone who calls from their country or region. Some vendors of cloud call center software give you an opportunity to purchase international phone numbers from different countries. Not only does this option increase your chances of closing sales with your target audience but it also gives you more flexibility. However, pay attention to local regulations. In some countries, you can’t buy local numbers without presenting evidence that you live there or have a business.

5. Call Scripts Can Be Easily Created and Adjusted

You can create customizable call scripts both for inbound and outbound calls as well as web chats. Our script builder allows you to place different blocks for performing specific tasks within each scenario (knowledge base, proposal, HTML iframe). Call scripts make your agents’ onboarding easier and simplify the workflow of more experienced employees. They will be able to give customers comprehensive information about insurance coverage without having to access different applications. It is needless to say that it is a real time-saver in some situations. Moreover, all the information that is gathered by using a call script (for example, during a survey) can be easily exported from the system and used in external resources.

6. Outbound Campaigns Can Become More Productive

Manual dialing eats your agents’ time. They have to dial many numbers every day, listen to beeps, answer machines and busy signals. Such a routine kills your salespeople’s motivation. Call center software allows them to get rid of all this beeping nightmare. Using our predictive dialer, they can increase the number of live calls 3-4 times. At first, the system dials one entry for each available agent. It connects them only with live calls, filtering out all the answer machines. After collecting statistics, the dialer calculates the approximate time they are about to finish the call and places the next number.

Therefore, your employees can close more insurance leads during the work shift and stay motivated. Also, our solution ensures a minimal delay between the time your prospect answers the call and your agent responds. It allows your agents to start talking from the very first moments of the call and reduces the chance that your prospects hang up. And that, in turn, increases the chance they will buy from you.

7. It Gives You Analytics for Valuable Business Insights

Reporting features are a must for any call center software. This tool helps you to keep track of your agents’ performance without putting in too much effort. You can see if they meet KPIs, how successful your outbound campaigns are, how long callers stay on your IVR menu etc. All you have to do is to set the specific parameters and period. These reports may give you food for valuable business insights.

For example, if you have got an increased number of lost inbound calls it may mean that you need to test your IVR as a customer and make some changes to its script – add a callback option or something like that. Also, it may mean that some of your agents don’t adhere to the schedule (and reporting tools allow you to check that). With Voiptime Cloud call center solution, you will be able to get different types of reports at any period of time both for inbound and outbound calls that allow you to make informed decisions.

Efficient cloud call center software can give your insurance company significant benefits. It can increase your agents’ performance and make your customer service much better as well as give valuable information to your business. Cloud-based solutions make your business more flexible that is an important competitive advantage in the age of remote work. Move to the cloud and succeed!