Huawei Is In Talk With Mukesh Ambani To Introduce 5G Technology In India


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India is a huge populated countries & one of those countries who have a huge amount of Internet users. With Reliance Jio we have already seen a huge growth of internet usage. Looking at this, Huawei is in talk to introduce 5G Technology in India. According to the source, Huawei is in terms of negotiation with Mukesh Ambani for him to provide equipment from their home-business.

Testing of the 5G technology has already been started & according to Jay Chen, Chief executive, Huawei says if this works according to their plan then 5G technology is expected soon in India. Also, 5G technology in India will be launched on the existing 4G technology. This on other hand can be a huge step for Huawei to get their hands on the Indian market. If this executes properly, then Huawei will not only be giving faster network, but will soon grow their business in India.

Currently this 5G technology is almost at the end of testing phase & going through several stabilization test. It is also said that the 5G technology is 10 times faster than the current 4G technology which means better network & internet. What’s important here to know is, if this happens; then when? There is no talks about, when this 5G technology will start in India, but it is expected to be there in India by 2020.

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