Is The Pomodoro Technique Okay For Essay Writing


Getting through an essay when you have a depleting attention span could be tiresome. From the research to the final proofreading, it is like you are stuck in a loop of a singular topic. By the end of the month, even if you have selected a topic of absolute interest, you will still feel monotonous and exhausted.

This is why many academic influencers and professionals are developing new techniques to help you concentrate on the long tasks of essay writing.

One of those techniques is the Pomodoro technique. It is quite the internet sensation now, amidst all the study blogs and academic channels, probably because it is supposedly helping people get into the groove of studying for long hours.

However, there is a catch when it comes to the Pomodoro method. It is quite a controversial technique, mostly because it has also been called a technique setting some for failure with their task.

Is the Pomodoro technique well-equipped to help you write your essay, or should you scratch that idea? Read more to understand.

What Is The Pomodoro Technique

If you haven’t heard about the technique beforehand, here is a simple explanation.

A Pomodoro technique is a timer technique that can help you study or write an essay without much exhaustion. If you cannot concentrate for long hours, you simply put a timer on for 30-40 min. Depending on the highest concentration limit, which you can hold to.

You take a 5-10 minute break when the timer goes off. Once you have studied for a considerable amount of time (minus the breaks), you take a longer break after that, but no longer than 15 minutes.

The Pomodoro technique is also known as the scheduled break technique. This is most appropriate for people who find themselves unable to motivate intrinsically. Let’s say it is a boring essay or an academic paper you absolutely despise. In instances like this, one can always gather extrinsic motivation with the thought of a break.

If one paper is giving you excessive stress, then you should look for other completion methods. After all, one paper shouldn’t stop you from other important tasks. You can get help from the experts at for that one essay that becomes the bane to your other academic tasks.

Whom Will It Work For

A pomodoro technique has proven successful for many, and here are the events in which a pomodoro technique will actually be a savior to your essay writing expedition.

1. People With ADHD

ADHD, or Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder, is a mental disorder that can falter the concentration of the most enthusiastic. Even if it is a topic of utmost interest, one’s focus can dwindle under the influence of an ADHD mind.

This is why the Pomodoro technique works charms with them. Individuals with ADHD find it difficult to concentrate on one subject for too long, and with the help of the Pomodoro technique, they are reminded to take a break and recharge before returning to work.

2. The One Who Procrastinates

One who is plagued by the poison of procrastination will require the Pomodoro method. Procrastination is often caused by fatigue, lethargy, disinterest, or anxiety induced by the task. Therefore, when we finally start, the reward from the breaks can help to continue.

It works as a placebo effect when we are not terrified by the three-hour essay writing mark and rather concentrate on the first thirty minutes working simply on the Introduction.

3. New To Time Management

If you are new to time management and trying to be more productive with the hours of the day, then you should start small. Often when we find ourselves toppled by the idea of starting something new, the beginner’s excitement makes us feel like we can achieve everything.

Although the thought of waking up the next day and suddenly accomplishing the entire essay research isn’t wrong, it is not plausible. The Pomodoro method helps you start slow. It is not about the scheduling but what you do with the time.

4. For People Who Stress

Are you one of those who often get stressed and anxious with the amount of time you need to contribute to one essay? If you are plagued with stress, constantly worrying about the amount of work you are left with, then the Pomodoro method can relieve you.

With the divisions of time, you can divide your work as well. It is easier to concentrate on one task at a time.

Whom Will It Not Work For

Although pomodoro is a saving grace for many, for others, it is nothing less than a nuisance. Here are the individuals who shouldn’t try Pomodoro as your essay writing method.

1. People With Deadlines

This is for all the last-minute essay writers who would rather procrastinate than sit with their work. If you have just one week left to finish a 2000-word essay or a 5000-word research paper, it is better to utilize every minute.

Not that you can’t take breaks, but do not schedule them. Take breaks when necessary, and you need to sleep to recharge from the exhaustion of the entire day.

2. Getting Optimal Concentration Is Difficult

You have difficulty getting the optimal arousal for motivation or concentration in your task. If you have a wandering mind, repeated breaks can divert, making it difficult to get your concentration back.

For individuals like this, it is better to continue when they find the right motivation. The break will only be too distracting.

3. You Do Not Have Long Hours

In your busy schedule, if you are able to provide 2 hours for your essay writing, it is better to utilize it all and take a break at the end of the 2nd hour.

Pomodoro is not ideal for a short span of time; the breaks will break your concentration too many times.

4. Too Many Physical Distractions

If you are studying around a whirlpool of physical distractions, then a pomodoro technique is not the first for your studies.

To begin with, you will always find a distraction that will keep you occupied longer than the 5 min break mark. Before you know it, your essay is cast aside, and you are full-on procrastinating.

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