We Have The Kirin 970 Specifications – Well Probably !


Well, we all know that the Huawei Mate 10 will come equipped with their next gen Kirin SOC that’ll be known as the HiSilicon Kirin 970. Well from the Kirin 970, all we expected was the 10nm Process Technology & we had no clue about any other specification of the SOC.

But, a fresh leak came out just a while ago that kinda exposes all the specifications of the upcoming successor to the Kirin 960. Have a look but, let me tell you that this is a long image so keep some patience while checking it.

We Have The Kirin 970 Specifications - Well Probably

So, I know this may sound stupid but, let me actually highlight some of the important features. I will compare the Kirin 970 with the Snapdragon 835 in some areas. So, as expected, the Kirin 970 is packing top-notch specifications.

It has an Octa-core architecture with Four Cortex A73 & Four Cortex A53 Cores. The A73 Cores can go all the way upto 2.8 GHz. That’s like the highest frequency in a Smartphone SOC ever & as expected, the Process Technology used here is of 10nm. It also supports upto Dual Channel LPDDR4 RAM at 1866 MHz. The GPU is a Mali A72 MP8.

The cellular connectivity options include upto Cat 12 LTE support. This is a noticeable let down compared to Cat 16 LTE support in the Snapdragon 835. Also it supports Bluetooth 4.2 where the Snapdragon 835 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and similarly upto 802.11 ac Wi-Fi while the Snapdragon 835 has support for upto the new gen 802.11 ad.

So, looks like the Kirin 970 will be a top notch performer but, it’s not going to beat the Snapdragon 835 anytime in terms of usefulness & probably in terms of performance as well. But, let’s just wait for some real world testing to find out, how far the Kirin 970 can push itself. For that we have to wait for the Mate 10 to come out.

Now, being a leak we cannot confirm these features completely as of now but, probably this leak looked pretty close to being authentic. Anyway, what are your views on the Kirin 970 ? Let us know in the comments section right below this article !


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