KT & SK Telecom’s 5G Platform To Be Unveiled At MWC 2015


SK Telecom - Nokia, 5G

The Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015) which starts on March 2nd at Barcelona, Spain, is slated to witness the biggest names in the telecom industry unravel their latest products and innovations. While most players were busy promoting their latest smart devices. South Korean Telecom giant KT telecom have been working on showcasing their 5G (fifth generation) wireless communications platform.

The 5G network although widely speculated to be a distant dream, may see the light of day sooner than later. The network uses cm and mm waves over wideband spectrum resources in the range of 6.5Ghz or higher and 9 band carrier integration (CA) technology, thereby allowing up to 1GB per second in access speed, which the company claims to demonstrate at their 5G access zone.

KT Chairman and CEO Hwang Chang-gyu at his keynote speech is expected to unveil the company’s strategies on fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) at MWC. KT said its exhibition hall would carry the theme of “Life Innovation by 5G.” The company has teamed with leading mobile carriers including AT&T and Vodafone to showcase its technologies in three categories ― 5G Infra, 5G Access and GiGAtopia. KT spokeswoman Park Mi-seon said the 5G Infra zone would display a network technology dubbed “5G Ultra Dense.” The technology helps users enjoy faster networks without troubles, even in “traffic jam” areas. In the GiGAtopia zone, it will show movies on how mobile technology can change people’s daily lives.

On the other hand, Another South Korean Telecom company, SK telecom have been working on their own 5G platform, this coming close on the heels of recent events;  like the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between SK and Nokia earlier in January 2015 and the successful demonstration of Elastic Cell network technology jointly by SK and Ericsson. The company’s spokespersons all seem to be quite enthusiastic about the 5G platform, with some going to the extent of calling it one of the biggest draws of this year’s MWC.

While it may be too early to call 5G the new paradigm in networking technology. But with more and more companies collaborating towards its development, it’s only a matter of time till its potential is realized.

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