Mi 7 Leaked In Hands On Image – It has A Notch !


Previously a Mi 7 leak came into the spotlight which claimed that the device will have a screen resolution of 2160×1080 which means a regular 18:9 Display without a Notch. Well, looks like that’s not going to happen at all. A new Mi 7 Leaked In Hands-On Image – It has A Notch ! have been leaked & this is probably the actual Mi 7.

Now, there are just not throws & catches for this speculation. We do have an actual reason why we think that this might be the actual Mi 7. The smartphone is running MIUI so, it’s definitely a Xiaomi Smartphone & it shows “dipper” in the place of the model name.

Now, if follow GeekSnipper regularly, you may remember that we caught a smartphone called “Xiaomi dipper” on Geekbench which was running on the Snapdragon 845 & it also had 6GB RAM just like the above image is also showing. The only difference must be the Android version being 8.1 instead of 8.0. But, it’s totally possible that Xiaomi has upgraded the Android version right in their testing period. There is also 128GB of Internal Storage.

Now, Mi 7 is the only upcoming Xiaomi smartphone with the Snapdragon 845 as the Mi Mix 2s has already been announced. So, should their be any doubts that the Xiaomi dipper is the Mi 7? Probably not.

Also, the Notch is about the same size as the iPhone X & there were reports that claimed that Xiaomi is trying to develop a similar technology to Apple’s Face ID. So, there might actually be dedicated hardware in the Notch for 3D Facial Recognition. But, we can only confirm that after the device comes out.

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