Microsoft Is Offering Free Courses On “Microsoft Learn” And It Doesn’t Matter If You Aren’t An Expert In Coding


Microsoft Learn Free Learning

Microsoft is offering an opportunity to learn to code & it’s for everyone. Their platform Microsoft Learn has hundreds of courses to choose from & all of these courses are completely free. Yesterday, during Microsoft Ignite The Tour (Mumbai), I got a brief look at Microsoft’s Learn platform & people who are into coding & stuff like that, may find it very helpful.

During a small chat session, one of the Microsoft officials said that they are looking forward to enabling the Microsoft Learn experience for people around the world. The convenience is really great here. Microsoft has different courses related to their popular platforms including Windows, Azure, .NET, etc.

What does Microsoft Learn offer?

Microsoft Learn Free Learning

Users can choose from several hundred courses from platforms like Azure, Dynamics 365, .NET, Power Platform & Windows. Courses can also be selected based on professions that the user wishes to or already works in.

You can also select the level you want to start learning. There are three levels including  Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. So, if you want to get into coding for the above platforms, you can start at the beginner level. Being a coding expert isn’t a must here. As you improve, you can try the harder levels one by one. If you’re not into coding that much, you can also try Administrative tools & stuff like that.

Microsoft Learn does offer a ton of learning tools & there are also different user levels that help you to track your progress. Microsoft also claims some sort of interactive training but, we’re not sure how that works.

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Do they offer Certification?

Yes, Microsoft Learn does offer certifications at three different levels. These levels include Fundamentals, Associate & Expert. These certifications, however, aren’t free. We haven’t checked all of the prices yet but, running our eyes quickly, $99 was the lowest price that we saw & $165 was the highest price that we saw. There might be other options but, we’re not sure about that.

How To Register For Microsoft Learn?

The registration process for Microsoft Learn is pretty simple. You need to visit their website & then you can sign-in with your Microsoft Account. Later you’ll need to confirm your name & that’s it.

Website: Click here to visit Microsoft Learn

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