Ninja Batman Movie Review



When I first hear the news about the Ninja Batman Movie I was super excited. Now after watching the movie, I can say that my excitement didn’t go waste. I used to though I have seen Batman in every character possible but after watching this movie and seeing Batman fighting the force of Samurai Ninja’s was amazing. So without wasting any moment, let’s start with the Ninja Batman Movie Review.

My Review

While Marvel is focusing more on the theaters, DC universe has kept a good hold on animated movies. By constantly releasing animated DC universe movies fans are hooked to the universe. If you are DC fan, you know what I’m talking about. With a wonderful animation, this movie is directed by the by the creator of Afro Samurai, the original story was given by Else worlds. Movie was telling a story about Batman, and a group of Gotham villains accidentally traveled back in time to feudal Japan.

For the fan’s of superhero movies, this week was a sweet treat. There was Infinity War, and there is Ninja Batman. Infinity War is a great movie, but I bet if you see Ninja Batman you will like it more. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing them to each other just saying that this week was a treat for the fans. From outstanding CGI to the great animation and character looks everything was just so good about this movie. I’m not just saying these things, the movie is actually one of the best movies. The action seems to be a little fast, but still, the story was cleared at all the points.

To give this movie a feudal look, not just the characters were redesigned, but the sceneries and the world were also made in a way that it looked like a classic old Japan painting. In the movie, you can see that the Joker was redesigned as an oni daimyo and Red Hood was rocking the personality of a monk. I don’t know why but there was a Bane in the form of a sumo wrestler.

At first, when they said that Tony Hale is giving the voice of Joker, I wasn’t that excited, but after seeing the movie, I can say that he rocked the show. This Jocker is little different from the other ones that I have seen so far. While the other Jockers do planning and plotting this Jocker only do mischief. In this movie he wanted to destroy Japan just because he wanted to and no other reasons.

The part that I liked the most was an emotional one which was showing the soft side of Tony Hale’s Jocker. I won’t spoil it for your because it is actually the best part of the movie and will definitely give you chills. Other than rest of the Batman movie this was more focused on the style rather than the meaning behind the story. This movie is not the “Batman: Killing Joke” where in the end I got my mind fucked with the excitement but this is one of the fun movies to watch. Just imagine Batman fighting Samurai Jockers, isn’t it fun? In reality, it is even more fun.

Seeing Ninja Batman, I felt like it was the tribute to Batman from Japan. The blend of two is not conventional but certainly best one. This is just a small review of the movie as I know most of you haven’t watched it yet. I’ll do a brief discussion post after a week again in which I’ll talk about everything in detail (including spoilers). Till then stay with GeekSnipper for more cool and amazing anime related news.

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