Pricing For The Redmi Note 5 Featuring An 18:9 Display May Start At 999 Yuan – Around 10K In India


The Redmi Note 4 was quite a hotcake in the two major Asian Markets including China & India. We already knew that it’s successor, the Redmi Note 5 is on it’s way & looks like just as it’s predecessor it’s going to be super affordable as well. A new leak claims that the Redmi Note 5 will start at around 999 Yuan. There actually three expected configurations for the Redmi Note 5 & these are the expected prices..


 Redmi Note 5 Expected Configurations & Pricing (According To The Leak)
 RAM  Internal Storage  Price
 3GB  16GB  999 Yuan (Around 9892 INR)
 3GB  32GB  1299 Yuan (Around 12862 INR)
 4GB  64GB  1699 Yuan (Around 16823 INR)


Now, ok the starting price is 999 Yuan sounds trustable, the 3GB 32GB variant will cost 1299 Yuan also sounds trustable but 1699 Yuan for the 4GB 64GB variant ! On an honest note we don’t think that’s trustable at all. In India Xiaomi has been keeping the Redmi Note Series at a pretty affordable price point & 1699 Yuan is almost 17K INR in India.

We hope Xiaomi is already aware of the fact that if it comes at that price, it’ll sell very few units in both China & India. So, we don’t think they are planning such a disaster for any of the variants of the Redmi Note 5 until, it’s a part of their marketing strategy for the other two variants. The base model will start at 10K INR in India anyway just as the above details suggest as that’s how the Redmi Note line rolls in India.


Pricing For The Redmi Note 5 Featuring An 18:9 Display May Start At 999 Yuan - Around 10K In India


As far the specifications go, the Redmi Note 5 will feature an 2160 x 1080 18:9 Full HD Display along with Dual Rear Cameras on the back. The processor is likely to be the Mediatek Helio P25 in China & Snapdragon 625 or 626 or 630 in India. Though we are not expecting a SD 630 from Xiaomi at all for the Redmi Note 5.

The resolution of the Rear Cameras are expected to be 16MP+5MP & the Battery capacity shall be around 4000 mAh. So, just like it’s predecessors, the Redmi Note 5 looks to be a quite promising device at that budget segment. But, until it goes through real life usage, we can’t really tell, how worthy it is. So, are you planning to pick one up ? Tell us in the comments section right below this article !

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