Razer’s Project Linda Converts The Razer Phone Into A Laptop


Last year in CES 2017, Razer showcased their Project Valerie that had Three 17″ 4K Displays in a single Razer Blade Pro. This year, in CES 2018 Razer unveiled another crazy piece of Tech that is known as the Project Linda.

So, Project Linda is basically an approach to convert the Razer Phone into a laptop. To be more specific, the user needs to hook the Razer Phone into the Laptop at a dedicated slot where generally the Trackpad lies & the Laptop will then use the Hardware & OS of the Phone to function just as a Regular Laptop. However, as the Razer Phone runs on top of Android, the Laptop also uses the Android Environment instead something like a regular Windows 10 environment.

Razer's Project Linda Converts The Razer Phone Into A Laptop

Clicking the Power Button on the Laptop makes the hidden USB Type-C to connect with the USB Type-C Port on the Razer Phone & from there the Laptop starts functioning. At that time, the Razer Phone functions either as a Trackpad or as a Menu or Shortcut Panel in several applications.

The Laptop itself is running a 13.3 inch 1080P Display. The Keyboard supports RGB Backlighting that is customizable with Razer Chroma. Razer also claims that the Razer Phone also charges with a built in power bank that we believe to be the Battery of the Laptop itself.

Though this concept is really cool, we don’t see the Project Linda powered Laptop or Laptop-Smartphone combo to go on sale anytime soon.

However this whole concept isn’t new & we have seen other companies to have products with similar concept. Take ASUS Padfones for example where connecting (sliding in) the phone to a tablet made the whole thing function as a regular Tablet. Samsung Dex & the Huawei Mate 10 have shown similar approaches in different ways.

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