IObit Screen Recorder: Review


IObit Screen Recorder

Getting to know the IObit Screen Recorder:

If you’re in search of an uncomplicated, handy, and economical tool to overcome the routine and daily hazards of screen recording, IObit Screen Recorder might just be the most productive means there is.

Since IObit Screen Recorder is an independent brand. Please keep our product name consistent. All the product subjects that appeared within the article should be IObit Screen Recorder instead of IObit. Along with offering you to record videos in HD quality, IObit Screen Recorder comes with an additional feature that enables you to record audio from the microphone as well as a speaker and insert those audios into the video at the same time. Thus providing immense flexibility to you which simultaneously increases your productivity. Well looking forward to recording a seminar, conference, or lectures, IObit is just the ideal option for exercising these tasks.

What distinguishes IObit from others is the no time limit feature, which means you can record the screen for an unlimited time period. In order to ensure efficiency and non-hindrance, it comes with a hardware acceleration technology enabling GPU adoption.

Some features in detail are:-

  • Flexibility in screen recording:

In the area you wish to capture, you have to drag the cursor to make a small dialog box on the screen, it is so flexible that you can just capture every detail and avoid every hindrance. Thus giving you the exact screen display you desire to.

  • Range of formats to choose from:

Well this Screen Recorder is a blessing to those wishing to save the recordings in different formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, and GIF. More than 4 types of formats are being assisted by it, thus making it one of the most user-friendly Screen Recorder. The videos are supported by your latest android as well as an old mp4 player as well.

  • Take screenshots while recording: 

This Screen Recorder provides the interface which has been able to break through the barriers of technicality between the visual and audio recording and screen capture simultaneously. It is a spectacular feature and a great team is behind all these efforts whose main aim is to give its customers the best ever experience and thus they never stop trying.

  • Light built-in video editing:

The feature which enhances the productivity of the Screen Recorder is that in addition to making it possible for you to record full videos and screen displays, it also allows you to choose particular areas, recording them. It ensures high-quality videos of up to 4k. This is all thanks to the light built-in video editor.

  • Your own addition:

This IObit Screen Recorder lets its users make additions on their own, by adding their own touch in the video via the help of animation. Thus a customized video is created at the end as per the needs of the user. In order to highlight or point out specific particulars the user can add mouse click- like effects which includes highlighting the cursor

  • An online Screen Recorder with brilliant features:

Some cool editing options such as splitting, trimming, or cutting videos saved by online screen recording are all present in IObit screen Recorder.

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