Find Qualified Sales Prospects on LinkedIn with Kennected


Lead generation is of utmost importance to every business, regardless of its size and industry. Lead generation will build trust, visibility, credibility, and pique interest from your targeted market. It is a way to bring traffic from high-value leads, who have the potential of becoming high-quality customers in the future. 

Today, flashy advertisements or aggressive marketing pitches won’t help you gain leads. This is the era of social media, hence marketing through various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is the best way to attract more prospects to your business. But, when it comes to business, LinkedIn become the most suitable channel to find high-quality leads. 

But, lead generation through LinkedIn is not as it is said. If not done in the right way, your website may be blocked or you may end up in ‘LinkedIn jail’. LinkedIn is strictly against spamming its users. Therefore, even if you are thinking you using a LinkedIn lead generation tool, you need to be careful. For this, you need an intuitive, simple, and user-friendly automation lead generation tool like Kennected.

With its various functionalities, it makes the process of finding qualified sales prospects on LinkedIn easy.

Find ideal targets using Kennected

For building relationships with your target customers and turning those cold connections into a sales conversation, you need an intuitive and sophisticated lead generation tool like Kennected. It offers various features like automating outreach programs, personalized follow-ups, and a real support team who are available 24/7 to help the clients, making them an extremely user-friendly and handy lead generation software.

In generating leads, the first step is to find target market on LinkedIn using data filters. Using LinkedIn’s Boolean Search, you can easily find your target customers. After finding the targeted customers, you just have to copy and paste the search result URL to connect with your prospects. While searching, you can set your own search criteria and it can be as broad as you wish. With Cloud Kennect, you do not have to connect with each prospect individually. Instead, you can start and send personalized messages to the prospects on autopilot.Find ideal targets using KennectedOne factor that sets Kennected different from other automation lead generation tools is that it mimics human behavior. Other automated tools may continuously send messages to the targeted customers. Eventually, the potential leads will feel bugged and they may report you. Kennected will send only a limited number of messages and will also enable you to set time delays in between each message. It allows you to send as many follow-up messages as you want and allows you to schedule time for sending the messages. This will make it look like a message sent by a real person.

Another feature of Kennected is that it enables you to send hyper-personalized messages to your targeted audience with their name, industry, company name, and more. Kennected knows that every customer and client has a different requirement. Hence, it has 30+ sales scripts that can be sent to different audiences and in different situations. Kennected enables you to personalize these sales scripts in such a way that the prospects will reply to your message. Once the prospects respond to your messages, you can start having real conversations and build a real relationship with them. These hyper-personalized messages will make you stand out in the targeted customer’s inbox.

Once the prospects connect with you, you can gather their public data such as their name, email, phone number, industry, employment, etc, and can use it to connect with your prospects through various channels.

Add your personalized video to seal the deal

To further make the message more personalized, you can send video messages made through the Kennected video app. Since customers have a short attention span and if you are not able to pique their interest in 5 seconds, you are out of the game. With Kennected videos, you can make highly attractive and customized videos. You can cut, trim, and record the screen using the Kennected video app which can be sent through email, text, or CRM. It can also be shared through social media or messages.

Video marketing is one of the best ways to attract audiences and accelerate the outreach program. You can use these customized videos in email marketing and send them to the customers to engage them. Usually, when we try to connect with the leads, they think that it is spam and may ignore the message. Since these videos are customized, they are less likely to be ignored. You can add captions that will help them understand the message easily. By using these videos in your LinkedIn outreach campaign, you will be able to attract more customers to your business.

Kennected videos also let you know how many times people watched your videos, enabling you to understand the performance and engagement level of these videos. Based on this report you can understand whether your video is engaging or need to be changed.

Add your personalized video to seal the deal

Gain insight with Kennected’s real-time analytics

For the success of any campaign, you need to understand how the campaigns and strategies impact the targeted audience. To generate more leads in the future, you need to understand the mistakes and make alterations. With Kennected’s real-time analytics dashboard, you will be able to see which campaigns are most effective and driving the most result. Based on your LinkedIn SSI score, you can understand the health of your LinkedIn account. Once you understand which campaign is most effective, you can invest more in that particular outreach program

Understand that LinkedIn is an extremely useful platform for sales, which can reap gold if used in the right way. So, use Kennected to find your ideal targets, connect and build rapport with them to generate a stream of leads and boost sales.

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