Samsung Galaxy S8 Final Front Panel Design Confirmed By Nillkin


No more rumours, Nillkin just confirmed the front design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 series on Twitter. There will be two models of the S8 series & will be known as the Galaxy S8 & The Galaxy S8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Final Front Panel Design Confirmed

Looks like the previous leaks are true as the design looks pretty simmilar. The Galaxy S8 & The S8 Plus  will both come with a 3D Glass Panel. So, no more Non-3D models this time. The S8 Plus is the larger one but, we don’t have any confirmation on the screen sizes.

If you have never heard about Nillkin before, they are a company from China who are making smartphone peripherals from a long time.

So with this final confirmation for the front panel, we can now almost asure that, the recent rear side design leaks were also true. For the correct hardware details, we still have to wait for the official confirmation from Samsung.

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