Samsung Started The Mass Production Of Their 2nd Gen 10nm Process Technology – Used In Exynos 9810 And Snapdragon 845 !


Samsung Started The Mass Production Of Their 2nd Gen 10nm Process Technology

After the unveiling of the Exynos 9810, it is no secret anymore that both the Exynos & the Snapdragon 845 will be be based on the 2nd gen 10nm Process Technology. The trade-off shall translate to around 10% better performance & about 15% improved Battery life on board.

Samsung was already testing the engineering samples of the Exynos 9810 in the upcoming Galaxy S9 & we know that Qualcomm is also using the same technology in the upcoming Snapdragon 845. So, finally the production has kicked off for these new 10nm SOCs. Samsung is calling the older 10nm technology as the LPE (Low Power Early) & the new ones in production right now as the LPP. The production is happening at Samsung’s S3 fab that is located in Hwaseong, Korea.


Ryan Lee, VP of Foundry Marketing at Samsung Electronics said,

“We will be able to better serve our customers through the migration from 10LPE to 10LPP with improved performance and higher initial yield…. Samsung with its long-living 10nm process strategy will continue to work on the evolution of 10nm technology down to 8LPP to offer customers distinct competitive advantages for a wide range of applications.”


Alongside the 2nd gen 10nm SOC’s, the 7nm FinFET process technology with EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) will also be mass produced at S3. So, we’ll be possibly getting the SOCs using the 8nm Process Technology next & then the 7nm ones later on. And those will be the actual game changer in the semiconductor SOC industry. So, we are really exited for an evolution in the generation moving from the minor upgrades like we are having with the 2nd Gen 10nm Process Technology.


Source: Samsung

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