Six Labor-Saving Eco Aids No Home Should be Without

Six Labor-Saving Eco Aids
Six Labor-Saving Eco Aids

Back in the 1950s, the bright vision of the future was that, by the time the 21st century came around, we’d all be living a life of leisure; possibly on the moon. We’d have all this free time because robots would have taken all the drudgery out of doing the housework, leaving the human race to focus on the more important things in life.

Unfortunately, things haven’t quite turned out that way, but we are getting there. There are numerous devices, gadgets, and pieces of equipment that make our lives cleaner, safer, and more environmentally-friendly, and here are six examples of them.

The phone charger that sterilizes too

Our first handy device comes from the Bangalore-based technology company, RAEGR. It’s an ingenious device that is both a wireless phone charger and hygienic sterilizer too. Designed to work with a number of smartphones including the latest models from Samsung and Apple, it also emits ultraviolet light from LCD tubes as it charges which can kill an estimated 99.9% of germs, viruses, and microorganisms.

When it’s not being used as a phone charger, it can also disinfect everything from rings to wristwatches using the same technology. It’s not just practical, it looks very stylish too in a bright white plastic finish with aesthetically-pleasing rounded corners.

The eco phone that doesn’t cost the earth

If anything represents the throw-away society that has grown up today, it’s the mobile phone itself. Many people discard theirs when a newer model comes out, sending the old one to landfill. But the Fairphone 3 is a smartphone that has impeccable eco-credentials. It uses many recycled materials in its construction, some components are made using Fairtrade gold and it is designed to be easy to repair.

Developments in the mobile device industry, such as this are important when considering the transition from TVs, computers, and consoles when accessing entertainment over the last decade. Entertainment titles and apps accessible from mobile devices require much less energy and data, which is especially relevant when discussing streaming services and online gaming titles such as casino slots, for example.

On the latter, the casino industry, along with streaming services such as Steam, has somewhat eased this transition, as all their products are presented on one site, meaning no extra product purchases or device extensions are required. After all, less waste, and less energy consumption, is always a good thing. Furthermore, the Fairphone 3’s 5.65-inch screen and Snapdragon 632 processor mean that the bright colours and spinning reels of these games are perfectly presented as you play for free.

The robot vacuum cleaner

The Powerbot from Samsung will mean an end to having to spend time running the vacuum around the home. Yes, at around $800 it’s expensive but, when you come to learn everything that it’s capable of, it puts this into perspective. For example, its built-in camera works out the most efficient route around your home, and the manufacturers claim that it has sixty times the suction power of a standard upright machine. It also uses centrifugal force to separate out dust from everything else it picks up. You don’t even have to worry about the battery going flat, as it automatically senses when the power is getting low and takes care of recharging itself.

The mopping robot

These days, robots don’t just do the vacuuming, they can mop floors too. The BRAAVA Jet can automatically clean tile, hardwood and stone floors, sensing exactly which kind of surface it is working on. It also dries as it goes so floors can be walked on straight away. It’s controlled and programmed via an app on your smartphone and its compact and practical design means that it can even reach corners that are not so easy to clean with a traditional mop and bucket.

The ecoegg Laundry Egg

If you want to make your clothes washing even greener, but not literally, then there’s the ecoegg Laundry Egg. This soft, plastic, refillable egg goes into the wash filled with two kinds of pellets. Ceramic ones help to release the stains from fabrics and mineral onesionize oxygen molecules in the water to lift the dirt away while being gentle on the fibers, and keeping colors fast. Using the ecoegg is said to be highly effective, plus it means that no harmful detergents are released into the environment. You can use them with any model of washing machine and, if you’ve also invested in the Samsung Quick Drive, they’ll work in half the time.

The Bediator

The final item is a very useful way to save energy in the home and ensure a good night’s sleep. As the name suggests, by day it’s a wall-mounted radiator designed to keep the room at a perfect temperature. Then, at night, it folds down to create a temperature-controlled bed which can be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With more and more people living in open-plan and studio apartments, this is also a perfect space- and energy-saving solution that is sure to catch on.

So, while we might not quite be living up to the predictions of the leisure-filled future, these all show that we’re definitely heading in the right direction. With the internet of things becoming increasingly significant in all of our lives, we’re certain to see more products like these becoming available – and the world should be all the better for it, too.

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