Best Spy App on Phone Call Monitoring in 2021


We all have seen different movies where people track someone’s live calls remotely. Unfortunately, it is not that easier in real life as you need to carry out a complicated process. However, you do not need to worry about that process anymore.

We are here with advanced technology that helps you track someone’s calls without letting them know.  With this process, you can easily get into someone’s smartphone and get their information conveniently.

Out of dozens of methods, we shared the most popular application because it does not require you to root or jailbreak the targeted devices. Also, you don’t need any knowledge of technical processes to do it yourself.

Tracking Live Calls

Spy app
Spy app

Tracking someone’s live calls is possible with a phone monitoring application. Spyic is the most popular application that helps you track a device with its advanced features. With the help of this application, anyone can check the live calls of a smartphone. The main thing is to verify the device with your account.

Tip: If you want to track someone’s live location without letting them know, check out this page to learn how to track location without any prior knowledge.

With the help of this tool, anyone can access live calls, call duration, frequently contacted contacts, and other call stats. However, the information depends on the targeted device and you need to keep the phone sync with your smartphone.

Here’s how you can do it.

Easy Steps to Monitor Phone Calls

If you wish to monitor someone’s phone calls, you need to do some preparations first. Here, we will cover all the steps included in the process that will help you get access to the smartphone. Also, we recommend you read the complete process before trying it. Any failure in the process will alert the person and your complete plan will fail.

Step1: Create Your Account

Monitor Phone Calls

Get an account on Spyic’s website to use its services. The process is really simple as you can enter your name and email address to register for a free account. After that, create a password and verify your email address through the link received in your inbox.

Step2: Get Membership

Spyic offers different memberships to use its tools. Therefore, you can select a membership and activate your account. The main difference between the memberships is that they let you connect a different number of devices with your account.

The basic membership is enough if you just need to track a single smartphone.

Step3: Choose Device

Choose Devices

The third step is to choose the device you want to track. You can choose between Android and iPhone devices to track the activities. Due to the different working of these platforms, you need to follow a different method to verify them.

(3.1) For Android

If you want to monitor an Android device, click on the Android logo and wait for the server to process the command. After that, it will ask you to download the Spyic mobile application from your website. You need to download and install this setup on the targeted device secretly.

After installing the application, open it and log in to the app using the account you created earlier. It will start syncing the data with the account. You need to hide the application from the menu and leave the phone (move to the fourth step).

(3.2) For iPhone

If you want to track the call records of an iPhone, you need to connect it using the iCloud credentials. For this, you need to click on the iPhone logo and enter the iCloud details on the website. It will sync the device with your Spyic account the process will complete.

Please know that you do not need to touch the targeted iPhone to monitor it. Therefore, it is much more reliable to do it on an iPhone.

Step4: Access Call Logs

Now login to your Spyic account on a web browser. You will find the name of the device where you installed the application. Click on the dashboard and there will be different options as shown in the above picture.

You need to click on Calls and it will show you the love calls, call duration, and other details of that smartphone. Similarly, you can click on any other feature to access information from that app.

Other Features Of Spyic App

WhatsApp Monitoring

After verifying the device, you have different options to get data from that smartphone. Here are some of the most popular options you have.

WhatsApp Monitoring

Everyone loves to use WhatsApp. However, only a few of them know that Spyic solution can show you the direct messages from someone’s smartphone. All you need is to click on the WhatsApp option from the dashboard and it will open their WhatsApp account on your web browser.

Please know that you can only read the messages and can not reply to them.

Location Tracker

Location Tracker

You can also track the live location of a smartphone after connecting it with your account. For this, you need to find the location tracker from the dashboard and click on it. The feature will show the real-time location of the device along with the places visited by them.

Browsing History Tracker

The next feature is used to check the browsing history of the smartphone. It is helpful when you want to track the activities of your kid without letting them know. Like other tools, it is available in the dashboard section of your account.

This tool gathers all the browsing history from different web browsers and shows it on this platform.

You can browse the complete list of features by visiting Spyic’s website. Also, you can check the demo to learn more about how it works.


You can find hundreds of spy applications online. However, choosing the right application is important for your safety. Today, we covered the Spyic application that provides the easiest and the most reliable way to check someone’s phone calls.

The tool has many other features to get information from the device. Therefore, you can try it out to get any data from a smartphone.

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