Tech Tools Need by HR in 2020


Tech Tools Need by HR in 2020

Employers may ramp up on their hiring efforts soon. This theory exists due to the mere fact that many businesses needed to let go of a massive chunk of their workforce or would need to make up for lost time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After the government removes the restrictions and lockdowns, HR should have their work cut out for them.

Aside from recruitment operations, HR has a plethora of administrative tasks and strategic functions. Considering that the workforce is the most valuable asset of any enterprise, hanging on the great employees is just as important as attracting them. The HR department sees its fair share of managing the company culture. Fortunately, the HR technology market is significantly expanding, with innovations continually being made by the day.

While there is nothing to replace the sound judgment and best practices of traditional labor, these innovative technologies are becoming a necessity for more productive HR operations. Equipped with these HR tools, you can divert your time and effort to more strategic business areas. Bearing all these in mind, here are a few of the most recent HR tools you need in 2020:

Recruitment And Onboarding Technology

Technology pieces for recruitment and onboarding reduce efforts in all aspects of recruitment operations such as searching, selecting, and updating relevant job boards, platforms, and social channels. These enable recruiters to establish a consistent employer brand and send the right message to the right candidate via the right sourcing channel. Recruitment marketing platforms, for instance, are purposely used for maintaining an ideal employer brand, generating numerous applications, and managing these applications all at a single dashboard. 

Preselections Tools

Preselection tools, on the other hand, are especially useful when you have hundreds or even thousands of candidates. This technology gathers applicant data and uses preset guidelines to screen applicants with the best qualifications. 

People Management Systems

Aside from recruitment, HR has several other key functions, such as performance management, employee development, and other administrative tasks categorized under people management. 

One such tool is the Talent Management Systems. It covers the entire scope of all the areas of talent management from recruitment, performance management; learning and development; and compensation management. 


Another important tool under people management is the Human Resources Information System, or HRIS. What makes it different from Talent management systems is that it tends to focus more on transaction processing and administration, which includes time and attendance, payroll and benefits, etc.

Communication Tools

There is no question that a convenient and secure communication system is essential not only for HR but for all the departments in the company. An internal communication system is highly recommended for companies with highly confidential information. However, for companies who are looking for convenience on top of security, tools such as Slack, Google forms, and Snapcomms are good choices.

Slack, in particular, is a messenger tool for companies with multiple teams and departments. It is a highly convenient tool that allows organizations to collaborate, share files, and casually chat discreetly. However, while it does have a decent amount of security, it cannot replace the protection provided by internal communications.

Outplacement Software

Using outplacement software, particularly on mobile devices, provides offboarding employees immediate access to outplacement services. It gives them enough flexibility and a smoother and shorter path to landing their next job opportunity. 

Moreover, career coaching and other counseling services, as part of the outplacement support, can be conveniently done through online video and chat. They can free up a significant amount of time for outgoing employees to do other things, such as conducting a job hunt.


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