Temp agencies and temporary staffing agencies


Are temp agencies and temporary staffing agencies the same?

Absolutely not! Temp agencies and temporary staffing agencies are the types of employment agencies that offer temporary work to their clients. So you would be thinking where the difference relies on? They are the same because they have the same purpose however the services and opportunities that they provide are different.

Temp agencies

 Keep reading and get to know more about this if you have decided to work with an agency.

What are Temp Agencies and how do they work?

Temp agencies provide jobs to candidates looking for temporary part-time work. These agencies work as mediators between companies and the candidates. Their job is not only to hire the people but terminating the workers is also in their control which means a company itself cannot finish an agreement with the candidate. Companies need temp agencies if they need qualified staff urgently for instance: if some employee gets ill or ask for leave then sudden hiring cannot be done by themselves as temp agencies themselves check the skills of the candidates so it becomes easy for the companies to hire workers from the temp agency.

To apply to a temp agency you need to give an application to them and before applying you need to know about reliable temp agencies. If some temp agency is requesting money from you, they are a scam. 

Temp agencies do not find a job that perfectly matches your skills. Also, it is your choice that how much time you want your job to last.

Advantage: You never have to pay a temp agency for their services.

Why temp agency?

  • If you can do any type of job and need it immediately then a temp agency is the best option for you. 
  • Secondly, if you just want to gain experience, for instance, some fresh graduates need experience to get hired in a good company.

What are temporary staffing agencies?

Staffing agencies also provide temporary work and act as mediators between companies and the candidates. Staffing agencies give a wide range of opportunities, unlike temp agencies. Moreover, if you are a candidate with good work experience you should choose a staffing agency to find a job. You can also find a full-time job in staffing agencies if you are looking for long-term work. Sometimes a candidate is not able to find a wide range of opportunities if he has no links and in this regard recruitment agencies are the best option.

The important thing to remember is to find a reliable staffing agency and for this, you need to spend some time learning about the best staffing agencies that provide jobs related to your field. It is an overwhelming task to find a suitable job for you, I believe that hunting for a job is the most difficult thing to do and staffing agencies can make the process easier for you. They not only help you in finding the job but provide other opportunities like polishing your skills. They tell you about the multiple jobs and you can choose the one that fits you. 

So those of you who need long-term work should use staffing agencies for finding jobs.

Disadvantage: Employers have to pay the fees to staffing agencies.

Why staffing agency?

  • If you need a long-term job and want to make a good career.
  • If you want a wide range of opportunities and a kind of job that matches your skills perfectly.


Usually, the chances of getting hired are very less when you directly go to the companies for finding the job and the process can be very tiring too but when you go to staffing agencies you will be hired for one or the other company most probably. Therefore, temp and staffing agencies can work wonders if you find the right agency for seeking a job. Choosing between temp agencies or staffing agency is up to you because that is according to your needs.

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