The Ultimate Guide to Safe Online Transaction

The Ultimate Guide to Safe Online Transaction
The Ultimate Guide to Safe Online Transaction

Online Shopping and banking have been a trend in the past few years. People are reluctant to spend time and energy rushing to desired markets for their products. Online banking transactions and online shopping have made it convenient for them to transfer money from their bank to the desired bank or to get to their desired product without wasting any time and energy. Along with such facilities, online shopping is risky because sometimes it is accompanied by scammers and frauds, who are looking forward to attacking an innocent customer, who is unaware of necessary precautions that must be taken before any online transaction. One has to be vigilant in making any such procedure. In this article which is fairly similar to Huffpost blog is an ultimate guide to safe online transactions.

Use your own computer

Use your own computer

We must avoid using public computers or even a friend’s computer while making an online transaction. The computer installed in an internet café or public place is not safe as hundreds of people have access to them. They can easily be manipulated by tweaking their software or hardware.

Password security

A password is a security key that is only confidential and only known by you. In order to make your password strong, you must use difficult letters or settings so that it may not be easily guessed by any other user or fraud. Password length must be more than 6 digits and it must have alphanumeric combined with special characters. You must not give your password to anyone. Never save them on the website. Do not leave a sticky tab on your computer with them. You must change your password frequently.

Stop clicking on any unwanted links appeared on your screen

It is not safe to click on links in an email to your bank’s website. The fraudulent are constantly following and creating new tricks to trap you. They can even link you to their own criminal site by your one-time clicking.

Logging out of transaction browser is essential

Logging out of transaction browser is essential

Sometimes you are in a hurry and forget to log out of your bank account after doing a certain transaction. Shutting the browser without logging out is not safe at all. So, log out after every transaction being done and secure your account.

Installation and updating of Anti-malware program

All your digital devices and your computer can be secured from hackers and scammers who keep sending you unwanted files or virus to attack your system. It is possible if the advanced anti-malware program is installed on your computer. The auto-update option of this software must be “on”, in order to detect any newly sent virus by scammers. It would provide safety for the online transaction.

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Authentic websites should be dealt with only

There are many websites who have been working online for such a long period of time. For such
websites, there is no question on their authenticity. Dealing with such reputed websites is secure for any customer thus making online transactions safe.

Credits cards are safer than Debit Cards

Using a debit card is not safe in the sense that, it is directly linked to your bank account. However,
Credit cards have limited and thus it is less risky than debit cards.

Never give your personal bank information to anyone

Never give your personal bank information to anyone

Never ever give your personal bank information to anyone even your closest friend. Even if you get an online message or call for giving details of your information, you must not reply to such spams. It is not safe to post your full birth date or even your kids; or of your spouse on social media platforms likes Facebook.

Never delay complaining to your bank

If you still suspect that your credit card is misused, you must not sit quite. You must
immediately inform your bank about this issue so they may look into the matter and
remove all your doubts.

Keeping records of all transactions

In order to have a secure online transaction, you must keep records of all Internet
purchases and transactions. Then you may compare them with a credit card and bank
statements monthly. If you find any error or doubt, you may report immediately to the
issuer of the card.

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