TheNeurosphere Company – the world is at the turn of change

TheNeurosphere Company

The development of new technologies has opened up opportunities that previously could only be dreamed of. Hundreds of companies around the world develop innovative solutions, the main goal of which is to save our planet and improve living conditions on Earth. A striking example is the Neurosphere Company, a permanent leader in the field of research and development of AI technologies, whose contribution to science is enormous.

Technologies for people

The Neurosphere LLC was created by pioneer scientists in 2015. The team included AI specialists and experts from all over the world. Scientists have set themselves a high goal, to develop and implement technologies that will help in solving the most difficult problems for mankind.

Since 2016, TheNeurosphere LLC has begun to expand its activities. Scientists of the project take an active part in seminars and conferences, where they exchange experiences with colleagues and like-minded people, attract investors and philanthropists, and support start ups and young talents.

AI can save and improve life on Earth

Over the past decades, AI has become an integral part of human everyday life. It helps to solve problems that were previously considered complex and even irresolvable:

  • Creation of biological organs and tissues;
  • Printing of houses on a 3D printer;
  • Using of autonomous vehicles;
  • Diagnosis of diseases at an early stage;
  • Using of robotics and automated irrigation systems in agriculture;
  • Help for people with disabilities, including completely paralyzed;
  • Smart cities;
  • Climate informatics and natural disaster forecast;
  • Means of interactive AI;
  • Robots-doorkeepers and robots-assistants.

And this is just a small example of the opportunities that have become available thanks to AI technologies.

TheNeurosphere team is convinced that the turning point for our planet has already come. Environmental problems, poverty, disease, hunger – this terrible future scenario can still be replayed. The potential of artificial intelligence technologies is enormous and is able to bring mankind to unprecedented heights in all spheres of life. More than ever, there is a need to focus on creating a powerful foundation for future AI developments like the SIYPWAI project. The combination of the human mind and AI technologies is the only way to save the population of our planet.

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